Residence Planning

Planning a big move abroad can be complicated and stressful for you and your family. We can assist high net worth individuals with residence planning and can assist those families or individuals seeking to move to countries with tax efficient residence programmes.

At Papilio Services, we offer residence planning solutions to both EU and Non-EU nationals looking for residence in Malta. As Authorised Mandatories (ARM00905), we can help our clients apply for:

  • Ordinary Residence Permit in Malta
  • The Residence Programme (TRP) in Malta
  • The Global Residence Programme (GRP) in Malta
  • The Malta Retirement Programme (MRP)
  • The United Nations Pensions Programme (UNPP)
  • The High Net Worth Individuals Rules (Update: These Rules have been superseded by The Residence Programme (TRP) and the Global Residence Programme (GRP) Rules)

  • Why Consider Residence Planning?

    Looking at your residence can dramatically affect your tax treatment as well as the opportunities presented. Residence planning firstly starts by assessing your current situation and understanding what your goals are. From understanding your situation in more detail, we can advise on whether we can assist you. Private clients look to residence planning for many reasons:

    1. Tax planning

    By assessing your situation, you could look to move your residence to an area with a lower tax rate. This would have to be assessed alongside your situation as some countries (such as the USA) tax their citizens, even when they move abroad. Therefore, careful planning is required and ensuring that there are no legal implications of you moving your residence.

    2. Health & Welfare

    Healthcare and freedoms differ from country to country. With residence planning, you and your family could move to a new country to benefit from better hospitals, treatment, and resources.

    3. Business Opportunities

    Through residence planning, you can move your residence and benefit from local business opportunities that are presented such as freedom of movement through a Schengen visa, new markets, and better infrastructure.

    Residence Planning Services

    We can help acquire residence for you and your family within 3-4 months. In this time, our services include:

  • Assistance in obtaining a residence card and tax ID number.
  • Liaising with property specialists.
  • Introductions to trusted insurance agents.
  • Hands on assistance in Malta.
  • Dedicated compliance and residence team to answer all questions.

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    Our clients trust us to deliver qualified advice from the initial consultation through to obtaining the residence permit in Malta. Contact us today for a consultation and we will discuss what opportunities are available to you and start the process of acquiring residency in Malta.

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