Audit Coordination Netherlands

Every business has to produce audited financial statements on an annual basis, it's a legal and regulatory requirement. These accounts must be filed with The Netherlands Chamber of Commerce (KVK).

The audit must be carried out in line with International Auditing Standards, and by a qualified auditor registered and licensed by The Dutch Authority for the Financial Markets (AFM) for (continuing) performing statutory audits in accordance with the Audit Firms Supervision Act.

Audit Coordination Support

It's important for us to point out that we do not offer financial audits as part of our service portfolio. However, we do assist our clients with the audit co-ordination process leading up to the final audit and we can introduce you to local partners who carry out the audit process.

It's serves as a good control mechanism. By having the audit done by a third party, the client can have added comfort that an independent check is being made on the bookkeeping and financials.

Acting as a facilitator between the auditor and your business we save our clients time and expense. Our service ensure that the bookkeeping is to an audit standard, documentation is well prepared and helps to pre-empt any likely audit concern/risk points that may arise, making the audit process is as smooth and efficient as possible.

Throughout the audit we will answer all the auditor’s questions, and only refer to you if there is the necessity. This ensures that the audit is carried out quickly and efficiently, as well as making sure that the financial statements are submitted on time.

Business Accounting Completed Correctly

Although audit co-ordination is a stand alone service, we also provide a full accounting service. Clients who have taken advantage of this service can save lots of time during the audit process. This is because we can ensure that the accounts are completed correctly with relevant supporting documentation kept in an orderly and clear manner, ensuring that audit enquiries and potential problems can be kept to a minimum. Contact us today to arrange a consultation for your business.

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