Mergers & Acquisitions Netherlands

As the Netherlands does not levy any withholding tax on outbound dividends it makes the country the perfect place for to set up business operations.

In recent years the volume of Mergers and acquisition transactions has increased, with businesses using this process as a method of growth into wider sectors and locations.

In the Netherlands mergers and acquisitions are often carried out using a Dutch holding company, predominantly because Dutch holding companies are considered tax efficient, they also provide the added benefit of being inside the EU, which means benefitting from the Dutch participation exemption provisions in the Dutch Income Tax Act as well as the wide network of tax treaties (more than 70 currently in force) and the EU directives.

Shareholder Agreements and Special Provisions

At Papilio Services Netherlands we can assist with producing bespoke shareholder agreements and specially drafted provisions which need to be included in the Memorandum and Articles of Association, including specific and non-standard management and representation clauses, specific and non-standard rights attached to various share classes, particular redemption and transfer clauses including put and call options and carry rights, etc.

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We offer our clients corporate consultancy services, including planning, implementing and managing corporate restructurings, mergers and acquisitions and any other corporate actions that may be needed.

If you are considering Mergers and Acquisitions in the Netherlands, contact us and we will arrange a consultation with our local experts to understand your situation in more detail as well as providing a bespoke roadmap to achieve your goals.

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