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The Netherlands is an excellent jurisdiction for business. With a strong economy, positive business sentiment and logistical gateway, the Netherlands is perfect for all types of business. The most common legal frameworks for setting up a business are a Private Limited Liability Company (B.V.) and a Public Limited Liability Company (N.V.). Business activities are supported with the quick and easy company formation process.

Furthermore, the Netherlands has an excellent reputation as a financial service jurisdiction and operates a high-level financial system with easy access to a world class banking system.

Why Set Up a Company in the Netherlands?

  • Low corporate tax rate compared to other EU countries.
  • The Netherlands is a founding member of the European Union.
  • 0% VAT for business with other EU member states.
  • Highly qualified workforce.
  • Excellent infrastructure and logistics gateway to Europe.
  • English is spoken to a high proficiency.
  • Possibilities of business immigration.
  • Reputable country for business operations.

    Papilio Services Netherlands offer many corporate services to its clients:

  • Company Formation and Incorporation Services
  • Management
  • Re-Domiciliation

  • Has Brexit been a challenge?

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    Alternatively, if you're searching for a solution, or maybe you're just curious and want to review your options, we've created this useful guide to highlight some of the opportunities available to UK businesses in order to remain competitive in the Post-Brexit market.

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    As a licenced company formation agent, we can help you with company registration and incorporation as well as support the company by offering all the services to make the business compliant such as bookkeeping, VAT returns, and audit coordination.

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