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Thinking about moving to Malta?

Moving to Malta is a dream for many. Aside from the friendly people, the climate, weather, amazing scenery and heritage, Malta also offers many other financial, practical and lifestyle benefits.

At Papilio Services, we have years of experience in assisting individuals and families from across the world realize that dream and take up permanent residence in Malta.

Whether you want to move to Malta for personal or professional reasons there are a variety of residence programmes to choose from and we’re here to help you make the right decisions to suit your individual needs.

Our specialist team provide high-quality guidance and advice throughout the process, and as Accredited Agents, through Identity Malta, you can rest assured that our team of qualified advisors are there to support you every step of the way.

All the facts and figures about Living in Malta are outlined in our simple infographic.

Living In Malta Infographic

If you need more detailed information why not download our Moving to Malta - An Expats Guide?

Moving to Malta - An Expats Guide

Malta Residency Programmes

Malta Ordinary Residence

Malta Ordinary Residence is aimed at people who intend to reside in Malta for a period longer than three months. Individuals are obliged to register and apply for a residence permit (e-Residence card) if they intend to stay in Malta.


Malta Global Residence Programme (Non-EU)

The Malta Global Residence Programme was launched to attract Non-EU/EEA/Swiss entrepreneurs, High Net Worth Individuals, and investors, offering similar benefits to that of the Malta Residence Programme, with special tax status and setting the personal tax at a flat rate of 15%


The Malta Residence Programme (EU)

Launched to attract EU/EEA/Swiss entrepreneurs, High Net Worth Individuals, and investors. The Malta tax residency programme grants applicants special tax status by setting the personal tax rate to a flat rate of 15% on external sources of income remitted to Malta.


Malta Retirement Programme

In 2020, this tax residence programme was opened to Non-EU nationals as well as EU citizens, The programme gives a 15% flat tax rate on any foreign pension income received in Malta.


Highly Qualified Persons Rules

Introduced in 2011 this Malta Residence programme seeks to attract highly qualified persons in the financial, gaming and aviation sectors by offering a 15% flat rate of tax on any income generated in Malta.


United Nations Pensions Programme

Available to all non-Maltese beneficiaries receiving a pension from the United Nations joint staff pension fund, TThe UNPP is the perfect addition to several special Malta tax residence programmes offered to applicants.


Investment Services and Insurance Expatriate

Expatriates that are employed by or provide services to Investment Services companies or Insurance companies can benefit from a reduced tax status due to a variety of favourable and specific tax ex-emptions.


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