Netherlands Registered Office

Local legislation requires every registered company in the Netherlands must have a dedicated office. At Papilio Services Netherlands we can offer to our clients the use of our premises as a registered address in order to comply with the requirements. This helps reduce the cost of company formation, removing the need to rent costly office space.

Why is a Registered Office Important?

Having a registered address links the company to where the business activities are carried out.

  • This address must always have a valid address for delivering documents to the company and its directors, shareholders and its officers.
  • The office is different from where the trading and business operations address may be.
  • The registered office must keep Dutch company formation documentation, registers and copies of annual accounts.
  • Having an office in the Netherlands also ensures that the Dutch company has enough substance to prove that business decisions are being made locally.

  • Contact Us for Registered Office Space

    Papilio Services are licensed to offer a registered office in the Netherlands at our premises at Teleportboulevard 110, 1043 EJ Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Moreover, if you need more than that, we can assist you finding local office space that fits your business operations. Contact us to arrange a consultation.

    Not in the Netherlands? If you need assistance registering a company in Malta, visit us here.

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