Malta Tax Advice & Tax Planning Services

Our specialist team of Malta tax advisors is composed of tax lawyers and chartered accountants with tax expertise in international taxintellectual property, financial services, banking, maritime, aviation and Maltese Tax Law. The Papilio Services taxation team have a wide range of experience and exposure to different sectors in Malta as well as ensuring that professionalism and service are at the top of our priorities.

Malta Tax Specialists

Corporate Tax Advice

Papilio Services assists clients to benefit from all the tax benefits Malta has to offer. We advise on the full imputation system, tax refunds, participation exemption and intra-EU tax benefits. We can also assist clients with other taxes matters such as VAT, international tax and trademarks.

Personal Tax Advice

Malta has a very favourable and competitive tax system that attracts wealthy individuals and investors who are seeking the best and most suitable tax advice. We assist our clients from tax returns to taking up tax residence in Malta.

Superyacht Tax Advice

Papilio Services and our specialist team assist with some of the largest superyacht and commercial ship owners in the world. We use our experience and knowledge to offer holistic and tailored services to our client’s and their specific needs. Our specialist Malta Superyacht VAT Registration team can provide tax-efficient solutions for:

Private Aircraft Tax Advice

The beneficial aviation tax regime in Malta makes it an ideal jurisdiction to consider setting up an aviation company. Our aviation Malta Tax Advisors can offer specialist aviation tax advice to aircraft owners or aviation management companies with regards to setting up a tax-efficient operation. Our aviation tax consultants are also able to give advice on Malta aircraft registration requirements.

Intellectual Property

Our firm also specialises in setting up tax-efficient royalty structures to maximise our client’s future earnings. Royalties are an agreement that grants others to use their Intellectual Property (IP), giving the owner the benefit of an income from this use.

Malta has several tax-effective provisions related explicitly to Royalties. Therefore, this makes Malta an ideal jurisdiction to set up a royalty holding company or royalty structure.

  • A royalty structure can be set up as a standalone operation holding the IP rights
  • A royalty holding company in Malta can be set up within a more significant group structure to hold various Intellectual Property.

Papilio Services Limited – Tax Advisors

If you’re looking for tax advice in Malta or you need assistance dealing with a specialist tax matter, we can help. Our qualified team have years of experience dealing with both international and local business as well as offering legal, compliance and residence advice.

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