Intellectual Property Services

Intellectual property can be a complex practice area but retains crucial importance for our clients in protecting brands, patents, trademarks and copyright. We assist clients with an initial assessment of whether they need to register their intellectual property on a national level with the countries respective trademark or intellectual property office or register on an EU level with the EU Trademark Registration Agency. Intellectual property trademark registrations could also be protected in several countries at the same time such as the Benelux countries which allow for the protection to cover Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands.

At Papilio, we assist our clients in protecting the value and use of their intellectual property through registration and the set up of tax efficient structures to monetize their intellectual property. Our experienced team can assist by planning and implementing a tax efficient exit strategy for a one off disposal for the intellectual property or a tax efficient intellectual property structure to maximize income streams generated through royalty payments and rights.

Setting Up Intellectual Property Royalty Structures

Papilio Services specialist Intellectual Property team is geared to meet our clients demands by offering qualified and expert advice. We advise a diverse international client base on a wide range of intellectual property matters such as

- Holding Company Structures for Intellectual Property

- National and EU Trademark Registration to copyright logos, brands, designs and trademarks

- Tax Efficient Structures for Royalty and Intellectual Property Income

- Indirect Taxation and Income Tax of Intellectual Property

- Exit Strategies for Intellectual Property

Are you looking at protecting your Intellectual Property?

If you have intellectual property and would like to discuss your situation to safeguard your ideas and inventions, please contact us. We assist with a range of services from handling the initial registration of intellectual property requirements to setting up tax efficient royalty structures. Contact us today to arrange a consultation to discuss your intellectual property requirements..

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