Malta Public Limited Company (PLC)

The Malta Stock Exchange (MSE) acts as the Central Securities Depository (CSD) in Malta. MSE links with Clearstream Banking AG allowing easy access for international investors wishing to hold securities issued by a Malta Public Limited Company.

Investors can benefit from the Clearstream link, whether they are interested in primary market subscriptions of dematerialised securities issued by a PLC. Alternately, investors interested in transferring dematerialised securities issued by a Public Limited Company on the secondary market.

Investors who already hold accounts with Clearstream Banking AG in Frankfurt, Luxembourg or any other securities depositary linked with Clearstream, may subscribe for, purchase, sell and otherwise transfer dematerialised securities issued by a Malta Public Company using their Clearstream or other linked Central Securities Deposit account without any further formality in Malta.

Requirements for the formation of a Malta Public Limited Company


The name of a Malta Public Limited Company must end with the words “Public Limited Company” or its abbreviation “PLC”. The proposed company name may be reserved with the Malta Registrar of Companies before the registration of the company. The Malta Registrar of Companies may refuse to accept a name that is the same as the name of another commercial entity or so similar that it could create confusion. Offensive or otherwise undesirable names may also be rejected.

Number of shareholders

You’re required to have a minimum of two shareholders.

Registered office and address

A Malta PLC must have a registered office in Malta.

Capital requirements for a Maltese company

The minimum authorised and issued share capital of a Malta Public Company is €46,587.47 of which at least 25% must be paid up.

The Currency of Share Capital

The currency of a Malta PLC may be denominated in Euro or any other convertible currency including US Dollars, Pound Sterling, etc.

Corporate Governance

The Board of Directors of a PLC is responsible for the running of the business and vested with the representation of the company. As mentioned above, a Malta PLC is required to have at least two Directors.

The Board of Directors is responsible for putting adequate corporate governance procedures and processes in place to ensure that the company operates following all relevant rules and regulations.

General Supervision

A statutory auditor must be appointed and must be a Maltese Resident. All companies in Malta must produce a set of financial statements and have these audited annually.

Naturally, this renders dematerialised securities issued by a Malta PLC substantially more liquid since they can be actively transferred securely anywhere in the world through Clearstream’s global reach. The Public Limited Company need not be listed on any exchange to derive this benefit but may be listed on any recognised exchange both in and outside Malta.

Our Experience with the Dematerialisation of Shares of a Malta Public Limited Company

We are proud to say that we assisted with both the first dematerialisation process in Malta of a Malta Public Limited Company using the Clearstream link (not listed). We also supported the dematerialisation process of a PLC in Malta listed on a recognised exchange (Frankfurt).

The process of dematerialisation includes:

  • Structuring of the company’s memorandum and articles of association to cater to having its shares in an electronic format through the dematerialisation of its securities

  • Issuing the shares in a dematerialised format

  • Applying for access to the Malta Stock Exchange (MSE) – Clearstream clearing and settlement link.

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    We assist our clients with every step necessary in the process of dematerialising securities as well as having an excellent relationship with the Malta Stock Exchange and its Central Securities Depository branch.

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