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Trusts and Foundations in Malta

Trusts and Foundations in Malta | Papilio Services Limited

Despite spending nearly 2 centuries as a British colony, Malta is predominantly a civil law jurisdiction. However, Malta fully recognises trusts and both trusts and foundations are available in Malta and can be established with Maltese Trustees or Administrators. Trustees or Administrators of Maltese trusts and foundations are normally required to be licensed to act as such by the Malta Financial Services Authority (MFSA).

Regulation of Malta Trusts and Foundations

The regulation of Malta trusts is provided for by the Malta Trusts and Trustees Act (Cap 331) and Malta Foundations by the second schedule of the Maltese Civil Code (Cap 16). These provide regulation and guidance with regards to the creation of trusts and foundations in Malta, ongoing maintenance and administration of trusts and foundations in Malta as well as setting out the rules with regards the licensing and supervisions of trustees and administrators of foundations.

Trust and Foundations advisory services

We are able to offer local and international clients professional trust, foundation and fiduciary services through our associated company which is licenced by the Malta Financial Services Authority (MFSA) as well as all associated administration and back office services. The use of trusts by legal as well as natural persons has become increasingly popular in Malta and is used for both commercial and private purposes.

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