Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is important to us because it aligns with our core values and beliefs. As a company, we have a responsibility to act ethically and sustainably towards the environment, society, and all stakeholders involved in our business operations. Here are a few reasons why CSR is important to us:
1. Ethics and values: CSR reflects our ethics and values as a company. By demonstrating our commitment to ethical practices, we can build trust with our customers, employees, and partners. This, in turn, can lead to increased loyalty, engagement, and positive brand reputation.
2. Sustainability: CSR initiatives help us reduce our negative impact on the environment and promote sustainability. We believe that businesses have a role to play in protecting the planet and ensuring its resources are used responsibly. By implementing sustainable practices, we can make a positive impact on the environment and contribute to a better future for all.
3. Employee engagement: Participating in CSR initiatives can improve employee engagement and morale. When employees feel that they work for a company that cares about important social issues, it can foster a sense of pride and purpose that can translate into improved job satisfaction and retention rates.
4. Community involvement: CSR initiatives allow us to give back to the community and support important causes. We believe in being active members of society, and by investing in initiatives that promote social justice and equality, we can make a real difference in the world.

In conclusion, CSR is important to us because it allows us to act in alignment with our core values and beliefs while making a positive impact on the world. By prioritizing sustainability, ethics, and community involvement, we can create a more responsible and sustainable future for ourselves and others.

The organizations we have supported over the years

Maltese Ursuline Sisters of St. Angela Merici

The Sisters have set up residential homes for children who are unable to live with their families. They have four homes around the island and strive to care for the children in a holistic manner with hopes to reintegrate them into society with the tools they need to thrive. One of these homes is the Ursuline Creche Sliema. We toured their facilities and learned about the work that they do.

Dar il- Kaptan

An NGO committed to providing professional care and support to people with disabilities and their families. Dar il-Kaptan organize day breaks and residential respite breaks in a safe environment for these individuals so that their families are able to take the necessary respite to continue supporting their family members at their full potential.
Our employees raised money for a donation and toured Dar il-Kapta to learn about what they do.

Agenzija Appogg

Agenzija Appogg has a team of professionals trained to support victims of domestic violence and children brought up in these homes. They have social workers who assess situations and take necessary actions accordingly. They also provide a national support line for anyone who requires this kind of assistance.


The Maltese Society for the Protection and Care of Animals’ main aim is to rehome animals and take care of their process for adoption. They also focus on campaigns, education, wellbeing, and animal rights. We donated pet food and toured their facility.

Hospice Malta

Hospice Malta provides palliative care and community-based services to terminally ill patients. They are an NGO that offers all services free of charge to patients in Malta and Gozo.

Foodbank Lifeline Foundation

Papilio Services employees came together to donate food items to the Foodbank Lifeline Foundation. Foodbank Lifeline Foundation provides non-perishable emergency food packs to individuals, couples, or families who are struggling to pay for food. They offer support to people referred to by national agencies and organize their packaging, transport, and distribution through six distribution centers around the island.

Blood Donation Malta – NBTS

Malta’s National Blood Transfusion Service mission is to provide a safe and sustainable blood supply and develop a service for tissue and cells in compliance with all relevant standards, respecting the donor’s voluntary gift, for the benefit of the patients. The National Blood Transfusion Service also aims to participate in research, innovation, training, and education activities through appropriate partnerships. Papilio’s employees utilised the Blood Donation Initiative to further their mission.