Transformation in our Lives

Over the years, our philosophy has been a reminder to us of the importance of being aware of transformation in everything we do. Often used as a symbol of transformation, the butterfly is a very interesting creature. We’re intrigued by the way they develop, and it is here that we see the way butterflies transform have similarities to our personal lives, business lives, and the world we inhabit.


Just as a butterfly starts as an egg, hatches into a caterpillar, transforms in the chrysalis, and develops into a butterfly, a business has different stages of development. The transformation of a butterfly symbolizes the life cycle of a business – startup, growth, maturity, exit. Businesses grow, and sometimes they transform into something new, something different from the start. We assist startups to set up their company. We help them in their transformation and help them develop into successful businesses. We help businesses that are struggling and then see them flourish. A business must go through various stages of growth development, and transformation before it can achieve its final form.


The butterfly is one of the greatest symbols that’s been used in the immigration movement for generations. Its wings mean freedom and represent the right that all living beings have to move freely. Sometimes human beings move to far away places, travelling across the globe to start a new life, similar to a butterfly.
As an international multidisciplinary team based in Malta, we pride ourselves in having a deep understanding of the Maltese and international market. We offer a holistic approach with a personal touch providing local expertise where it matters.

The process of transformation is never easy, but it is always worth it in the end. Just like the butterfly, we must go through various stages of growth before we can achieve our final form. If you’re looking to improve yourself, take inspiration from one of nature’s most beautiful creatures and emulate the butterfly’s journey.

The heart and soul of a company

In Japanese, Ancient Roman and Ancient Greek cultures, butterflies symbolised the soul. By definition, the soul is ‘the immaterial part of a human being, regarded as immortal’. Within each and every company, the intangible, personal parts of the collective are manifested through their work, such as their integrity and respect. These tend to leave a permanent image of the culture they practice in their workplace on their clients.

Whilst working with any client, it is important that the service provided for them conforms with certain criteria expressed by the management. This promotes seamlessness and connection within a company. These criteria tend to differ from business to business, but a recurring pattern has been recorded amongst most. Working with an abundance of clients at once, it is important that the same treatment is given to all.

Core values

Employees are taught about the core values of the company from their superiors, characteristics of the practice that should apply no matter what.
Generally, a few of these include:
Trust: Superiors in the company should be able to trust their employees in their work, and vice versa.
Transparency: Between the company and their clients to avoid any miscommunication or misunderstandings.
Integrity and accountability: Employees should be honest in their work and with their colleagues, and accountability should be taken by all.
Confidentiality and discretion: Clients must be able to trust the company to work with discretion and confidentiality as this has become increasingly important when making the decision of a company service provider.
Honour and courtesy: Employees should take pride in their work and make the conscious decision to do their absolute utmost every day, no matter what.

The immortality and legacy of a company

The brand image and client perception is extremely important. When exceeding the expectations of clients, a positive perception of the company is left in their minds which travels amongst other potential clients. This is rooted in the consistency and culture of the company’s employees themselves.
The culture within a workplace is passed down hierarchically. From managers to associates who will someday pass it down to their associates. Consistency within the hierarchy is what sets an example to employees to exceed the expectations of clients who find a seamless service from top to bottom.

To continuously improve our services at Papilio, we invest in education, training, and connection for our team, where they can learn from other companies, organizations, and each other. We feel that there is always something new to learn from up-and-coming technological opportunities which we have found to promote efficiency and overall company performance for our business.