Malta Individual Investor Programme

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Malta Individual Investor Programme

The Malta Citizenship by Investment Programme or the Malta Individual Investor Programme (MIIP) as it is commonly known is the first EU Approved citizenship programme. As an accredited agent we can assist you through the whole process efficiently and effectively.

As Malta Residency specialists, our trusted advisors already have a wealth of experience dealing in this complex area and we will assist and advise you through the whole process of the Individual Investor Programme application.

Malta is a full member of the European Union and a successful applicant under the Malta Individual Investor Programme (MIIP) will be then entitled to freedom of movement across the EU. If successful in satisfying the eligibility for the Malta Citizenship by Investment Programme requirements, the applicant and any family members on the application will be awarded with citizenship for life and this can be passed onto future generations.

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Candidates that become residents and domiciled in Malta are required to pay income tax on their worldwide income. Personal income is taxed at progressive rates of up to 35%. However, individuals that are resident in Malta but not domiciled in Malta will only be required to pay tax on income arising in Malta and income (excluding capital gains) that arises outside Malta that is received in Malta.



The Malta Second Citizenship by Investment process would involve the applicant and his related dependents going through a naturalisation process with a certificate of naturalisation being issued after a twelve month process.

The legal framework for the Malta IIP is found by virtue of Legal Notice LN47/2014.

Malta has concluded double taxation treaties with around 70 countries with a number of other agreements signed but not yet in force.

The standard VAT rate in Malta is of 18%. The corporate tax rate is 35%, however special tax concessions apply for non-resident / non-domiciled owners.

Select an area to continue for the Malta citizenship application and find out additional information on the Malta citizenship requirements:

  • Please continue to Malta IIP Eligibility to find out all you need upon qualifying for the Malta Citizenship by Investment Programme
  • The application will be processed by Identity Malta (a government institution) and is to be submitted through Thomas Jacobsen for the purposes of Malta IIP. Please continue to: Malta IIP process
  • Please continue to Malta IIP fees to find out all you need before the start of the Malta Citizenship by Investment Programme
Why Malta under the Malta IIP?

Charming, amazing and picturesque – the Maltese islands are a sheer bliss to discover. People are friendly and welcoming, the climate is warm and sunny throughout the year, the food is delicious and it is convenient for travelling from Europe, North Africa and the Middle East.

Where is Malta located?

Malta or the Republic of Malta is located on the southern tip of Europe, just below Sicily. The capital of Malta is Valletta and the story behind the name of the city comes from the Order of Saint John times. Dating back to the 16th century with a wealth of history and traditions, it was called “Humilissima Civitas Valletta — The Most Humble City of Valletta”. In 1980, the city of Valletta was officially recognized as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

The Maltese archipelago consists of three islands: Malta, Gozo and Comino. Malta is the largest of all islands and is home to the majority of the population alongside being the commercial hub of the islands. Gozo is the second largest island and is mostly characterized for traditional crafts, agriculture and green fields. Comino is the smallest of the islands but is home to the spectacular Blue Lagoon. For those wishing to move to Malta, there is a lot to see.

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Located in the centre of the Mediterranean, Malta is rapidly growing into one of the foremost business hubs for international financial services in the Euro-Med region

Doing Business in Malta

Maltese and English are both official languages. The country has a relatively low cost of living and has no wealth taxes. The Maltese islands are an emerging financial hub with a lot of favourable benefits that make it an attractive choice to carry out business in.

Citizenship through investment – Malta Tax Advisors

We are an accredited agent of Identity Malta for the purposes of the Malta Individual Investor Programme (MIIP) and are licensed to assist with and file Malta citizenship applications on behalf of clients.

We have vast experience in advising clients with regard to Maltese residence and citizenship issues, and are able to guide applicants through the whole application process of the citizenship through investment in Europe and consequently acquiring a Maltese passport.

We pride ourselves on the high quality and personal services we offer and a number of happy and satisfied clients are testimony to our success in this field.