Malta Flag Ship Registration

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Malta Flag Ship Registration

The Maltese Ship Registrar is a well organised and highly responsive flag administration, as well as being one of the largest registrars in the world and very active in European Union fora and international organisations. Malta Flag ship registration is a popular choice for ship owners looking to register their vessel and there are a number of benefits ship owners registering their vessels can obtain with registering under the Malta flag.

All types of vessels used in navigation, whether self-propelled or not, including barges, pontoons, oilrigs and similar vessels (but not vessels propelled by oars), including also vessels under construction, may be registered in the Maltese international ship register. Such vessels may be owned, operated (under charter or otherwise), managed and administered by citizens of Malta of the EU or by a shipping organisation (bodies corporate registered in Malta, partnerships, foundations, bodies corporate established under foreign law, which have established a place of business in Malta).

Ships that are 15 years or older, but less than 20 years, are required to pass an inspection by an authorised flag state inspector before or within one month of provisional registration.

Ships that are 20 years or older, but less than 25 years, are required to pass an inspection by an authorised flag state inspector before being provisionally registered.

Trading ships that are older than 25 years are normally not registered.

Some of these Malta flag ship registration advantages include:
• Beneficial tax exemptions for ship owners and operators whom have gone through the Malta Flag Ship Registration process;
• User friendly and low cost Malta Company Formation and administration;
• Low cost and efficient procedures for Malta Flag Ship Registration;
• No restrictions on the sale and mortgaging of Maltese ships;
• No restrictions on the nationality of masters, officers and crews;
• Vessels may be registered in the name of any European company, trust, foundation or individual;
• A number of double taxation treaties and bilateral maritime agreements with other maritime nations.

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