Malta Maritime and Shipping Services

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Malta Maritime and Shipping Services

The Malta maritime industry dates back centuries and this tradition today continues ensuring Malta is a recognised as a maritime nation of superb reputation.  Strategically placed in the middle of the Mediterranean sea, it is blessed with a number of natural harbours, a skilled work force and a number maritime service providers that have helped forge Malta’s reputation as an international maritime services centre. Malta maritime and shipping services including ship building, repairs, towage and bunkering to name a few have further enhanced Malta’s reputation as a maritime centre of note.

A great value of the Malta Maritime and Shipping Services is that ships registered and carrying the Malta flag benefit from a number of advantageous incentives making it a popular jurisdiction for ship registration. Some of the advantages of ship registration in Malta include no restrictions on the nationality of masters, officers and crew and no restrictions on the mortgaging of Maltese ships. The Maltese Ship Registrar is also a well organised and highly responsive flag administration, as well as being one of the largest registrars in the world and very active in European Union fora and international organisations.

Shipping tax system in Malta

The shipping tax system is beneficial for ship owners with tax exemptions for owners and operators flying the Malta flag. Income from shipping activities through a commercial Malta shipping company is exempt from income tax in Malta.

Incorporating a shipping company in Malta

Shipping companies incorporation in Malta is fairly straightforward process and owing to the beneficial shipping tax regime is a popular choice to set up a shipping management company or a company that provides maritime or shipping services either in Malta or across many international boundaries. It is also able supported by a number of Malta maritime service providers in close proximity. Malta also benefits from highly skilled and experienced local population that has developed a global reputation in a number of shipping services.

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