E-Commerce Business Administration

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E-Commerce Business Administration

E-Commerce business administration is often the least planned but most important aspect when setting up an online business. Malta offers those starting an e-commerce business or those seeking to relocate their online business a relatively low cost work force that is educated, offers generally good e-commerce skill sets and experience as well as being able to communicate in variety of different languages. English is an official national language and a strong percentage of the workforce can communicate in an at least one other language. This offers new e-commerce companies the possibility of employing staff in Malta for the core business operations, offering customer service or project managing at an affordable cost in comparison to other European Union member states.

E commerce taxes guide

Due to e-commerce tax and VAT requirements a key component of e-commerce business administration is planning how the relevant information and data can be gathered in order to carry our important administrative tasks such as book keeping, accounting and necessary compliance reporting. Whilst new technologies allow for the extraction of information quickly and easily from the back ends of most e-commerce platforms it is still vital to know exactly what information would be needed to ensure compliance and to make these administrative tasks easier. We are able to utilise our experience in this field having working with a number of e-commerce companies to ensure that this can be achieved as simple as possible so that a fully automated process can be established. We can also assist e-commerce companies with book keeping services in Malta using web based applications that offer greater functionality, greater integration with other software as well as greater transparency.

E commerce location

An important consideration is the location of the business and the possible rental of business premises or office space for the e-commerce company if needed. Our services include the sourcing of adequate office space and assistance with any employment the company may need to source. We can also assist with office reception services and secretarial services for e-commerce companies starting up in Malta to reduce the e-commerce business administration burden.

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