Malta E-Commerce Companies

Whether you want to set up an online business or you already have an e-commerce business in operation, it is well worth considering the benefits of basing your business in Malta.

Benefits of Setting up an E-Commerce Business in Malta?

Malta is an attractive jurisdiction to base operations for e-commerce companies. In short, this is due to:

  • Malta’s robust regulatory framework;
  • Advanced technological infrastructure;
  • English speaking environment;
  • Beneficial residency programmes available to HNWI;
  • Member of the EU since 1st May 2004;
  • International, well-educated and skilled workforce;
  • The attractive tax system in Malta.

E-Commerce Regulation

The Malta Financial Services Authority (MFSA) is the regulator in Malta for banking, investment and insurance business under the Investment Services Act, 1994

The MFSA supervises all licenced financial services business. Therefore, for a company to carry out any activity that falls under this category, you must apply for a licence. Though, this licence can be challenging to obtain as it does have several components that, without the necessary experience, can be difficult to understand. However, at Papilio Services, we service companies throughout the licencing process from start-up and beyond.

E-Commerce Business Services

Papilio Services also can assist companies with handling business administration. We help clients with the planning, processing and delivering of information. Therefore, this makes the year-end accounts and annual audit process more manageable as well as making sure the company stays compliant with its VAT obligations.

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Papilio Services

Are you considering setting up a business in Malta? We have years of experience dealing with Online and E-Commerce businesses, with our client’s activities ranging from:

  • Online auction websites;
  • Online trading;
  • E-commerce companies;
  • Social media businesses;
  • Licenced and regulated firms.

For more information on how we can help you, contact us through email or call us directly +356 2122 7553. We look forward to hearing from you.

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