Malta Gaming Licence Application Process

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Malta Gaming Licence Application

We offer a holistic and practical service to companies wishing to set up a Malta gaming company (Malta Company Formation services) or for those looking to relocate their gaming operations to Malta. We assist clients through the application process, which is a thorough and well-regulated process that invites applicants to submit detailed information about themselves and their intended gaming operations and activities. The application once complete is submitted to the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) alongside all supporting documentation and providing all is in order the licence process should take between 12 to 16 weeks.

Once submitted the application will go through five stages as follows:

Fit and Proper Exercise

The Malta Gaming Authority will carry out a fit and proper exercise on the applicant by assessing and evaluating all information related to the persons that are involved in the finance and management of the business. They will also look at the business viability of the operation. As part of this process the Malta Gaming Authority may contact other national and international regulatory bodies and law enforcement agencies.

Business Planning

As part of the application the applicant must submit an in-depth business plan with all necessary financial, operational, human resources and business information including marketing and distribution strategies. The plan should also outline the intended growth targets of the proposed gaming company in Malta. The Malta Gaming Authority will conduct a thorough analysis of this plan.

Operational and Statutory Requirements

The Malta Gaming Authority will evaluate the application for the gaming company in Malta against the instruments required to conduct the business. The Malta Gaming Authority will examine any incorporation documents, the games and their processes related to conducting the games. The application architecture and system architecture of the gaming and control systems will also be looked at within this stage.

A remote gaming license holder is subject to a minimum issued and paid up share capital as per below:

Class 1 Gaming Licence in Malta – €100,000

Class 2 Gaming Licence in Malta – €100,000

Class 3 Gaming Licence in Malta – €40,000

Class 4 Gaming License in Malta – €40,000

The Fit and Proper Exercise, Business Planning and Operational and Statutory Requirements completed within 12 to 16 weeks. Low quality or inconsistent applications are dropped at this point and would have to reapply.

System Review

On completion of the three previous stages the Malta Gaming Authority will inform the applicant that the application has been accepted and will invite the applicant to implement the operation onto a technical platform in preparation for the gaming company to go live.

The applicant of the gaming company in Malta will be allowed 60 days to implement the gaming platform and at any stage the during the 60 days, the applicant may request an external systems audit. This can be carried out by an independent third party contracted by the Malta Gaming Authority at a fixed market price. The system audit will audit the environment in a live situation against the proposed application.

Should the applicant not complete this exercise within the allowed 60 days, the application will be suspended and the applicant will need to reapply. The Malta Gaming Authority will also note that if there are significant changes to the gaming system, the applicant will have to re-apply by filing a new application.

Compliance Review

On completion of the system audit and of the gaming platform going live a licensee shall commit to undergo a series of compliance audits of its operation, which is performed by an independent third party contracted by the Malta Gaming Authority against a fixed market price.

The Malta Gaming Authority will request that the audits should be carried out at the following timeframes:

– After the first year of operation after the gaming licence is issued by the Malta Gaming Authority
– On the third year of operation after being licenced by the Malta Gaming Authority
– Prior to the renewal of the five-year licence
– At the discretion of the Malta Gaming Authority, which is normally arising from suspicion of deviation from
o The regulations
o Operational nature of the licence
o Misconduct

A failure of completing a compliance audit can lead to a suspension or termination of a licence.

For further information with regards the application process of a Malta gaming company, please feel free to contact us.

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