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iGaming Business in Malta

The iGaming business in Malta is an industry that has firmly established itself as a credible and viable option for setting up iGaming business operations. iGaming business in Malta is well regulated by the Malta Gaming Authority and over the last ten years has seen it grow as the European online gaming jurisdiction of choice for a number of businesses within the online gaming industry.

The regulatory framework for iGaming business in Malta has established a number of incentives and advantages for iGaming business and companies set up in Malta or for those looking to relocate their iGaming business. These can include a number of incentives for employees of iGaming businesses that are licenced by the Malta Gaming Authority such as reduced rates of income taxes on personal income, double taxation relief and refunds on dividends to name a few. Non-resident employee’s whom relocate to Malta are also able to benefit from a number of beneficial specialist residential programmes that offer very attractive tax rates.

Malta Tax System – eGaming

Taxation on iGaming business activities varies dependant on the type of gaming licence applicable but the Malta tax system offers a very competitive rate.

Malta eGaming licence

The number of gaming business licences in Malta issued by the Malta Gaming Authority, both locally and abroad that operate under Maltese legislation continues to grow year or year, as does as the gaming operators who set up locally. Malta has a robust IT infrastructure and advanced technical capacity and relatively low labour costs in comparison to other gaming jurisdictions, which all add to make iGaming business in Malta an attractive proposition.

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