Malta Ordinary Residence Permit

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Malta Ordinary Residence

Malta has a rich European historical and cultural heritage. The British and Italian influences are particularly strong. Malta is an independent republic within the Commonwealth and joined the European Union on 1 May 2004. The official languages of Malta are Maltese and English. All laws are published in both languages, but business correspondence is generally conducted in English.

Malta Ordinary Residence Tax

A citizen of the EU/EEA/Switzerland has the right to enter, remain and be resident in Malta. Where a person intends to be resident in Malta for a period longer than 3 months (including where such person has been granted a work permit or has taken up activities in Malta as a self-employed person or is in Malta as an economic self-sufficient person), he or she is obliged to apply for a Malta residence permit. The procedure for applying for a Malta Residence Permit includes completing an application form and filing it, together with the relevant supporting documentation, with the Principal Immigration Officer in Malta.

As stated above, an individual holding a Malta Residence Permit (available to EU/EEA/Swiss nationals) is subject to tax in Malta at the normal progressive income tax rates (current maximum rate is 35%) applicable to every Maltese resident person on his or her chargeable income. There is no minimum annual tax liability.

Taking up Residence in Malta: Permanent Residence Scheme

The Maltese Islands, situated in the center of the Mediterranean, just south of Sicily, are proving popular as a destination for persons wanting to take up Malta residence outside their country of nationality.

Ordinary Residence in Malta

Ordinary Residence in Malta