Ordinary Residence in Malta

Ordinary Residence in Malta is aimed at people who intend to reside in Malta for a period longer than three months. Likewise, individuals are obliged to register and apply for a residence permit (e-Residence card) if they intend to stay in Malta.

The Ordinary Residence in Malta is one of several Maltese Residency Programmes seeking to attract indivduals and investors to the Maltese islands. So, if you would like more specific details regarding what residence programme in Malta suits you, contact us today.

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What are the benefits of Maltese Residency?

  • Visa-free travel to all Schengen Areas. Schengen Areas include most European states, Switzerland, Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway;
  • Malta’s tax structure is designed to appeal to high net worth individuals;
  • Malta has a stable political, social and economic environment;
  • Malta has double-taxation agreements with over 70 countries;
  • Malta is located strategically with prime international flight and sea connections;
  • English speaking environment;
  • Tied for 14th safest banking system in the world (US – 24th, Germany – 53rd, UK – 59th) [World Economic Forum, 2018].

Are You Eligible for Ordinary Residence in Malta?

For a successful application to Ordinary Residence, several conditions must be satisfied. If applying, you must be aware of a few factors.

EU/EEA/Swiss nationals have a right to enter, remain and reside in Malta for employment, self-employment, to study, as self-sufficient economic persons.

Non-EU/EEA/Swiss nationals may also apply, but their rights are not automatic. In addition, there are restrictions and conditions imposed, especially regarding employment/self-employment rights, for so-called third-country nationals.

Likewise, different requirements may apply when applying for Ordinary Residence in Malta, depending on the nationality of the applicant, so seek the advice of a Residence Specialist.

Ordinary Residence in Malta FAQ’s

Is there a minimum stay requirement in Malta to have Ordinary Residence?

Ordinary Residence in Malta requires that residents physically stay in Malta for 183 days or more in any calendar year. Persons absent from Malta for work, business or health-related absences may still be able to claim Maltese tax residence, depending on circumstances.

What is the application process?

Depending based on the application (e.g. employed, self-employed, economic self-sufficiency), an applicant will need to fill out all relevant application forms. Firstly the applicant will provide information and documentation relevant to the category the applicant is registering under for Ordinary Residence.

Secondly, applicants will be required to be present this application in person. Papilio Services Limited can assist any applicant with the process from beginning to end.

What are the taxes in Malta?

The Maltese rates of tax for individuals resident in Malta vary depending on the individuals status (single/married/parent) and amount of income. Likewise, you can click here for a full breakdown of personal income tax brackets in Malta as of 2019.

Is there a minimum tax liability?

Minimum tax liability of €5,000 per annum was introduced from 2018. The minimum tax is payable by persons having an annual income arising outside Malta of at least €35,000.

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