Malta Individual Investor Programme Process

The Malta Citizenship by Investment process starts with the primary applicant acquiring a place in Malta to reside in, which in turn would initiate the one-year residency requirement. You’re not required to purchase a property should they not wish to and can instead opt to take out a rental contract on a qualified property instead.

Stage 1: On the acquisition of an address in Malta, the applicant will, under the terms of the Malta Citizenship by Investment Programme, apply for a residence permit in Malta. Applicants must file this residency application in person. You must also present any applications for dependants at this stage.

Stage 2: At any point during this period of applying for Maltese residence, candidates can complete and apply for naturalisation as a citizen of Malta. Identity Malta will then receive all applications and supporting documentation, who will issue an acknowledgement of receipt and begin the initial checks for completeness.

Payments due at this stage will be an initial deposit of €10,000 towards the €650,000 contribution to the National Development and Social Fund, the due diligence fees and any passport fees.

Stage 3: Identity Malta will then proceed to process the Malta Citizenship by Investment application. If accepted, Identity Malta will issue a letter of approval in principle alongside an invoice for the balance of the contribution to the National Development and Social Fund. You must settle this contribution within 25 days from the date of the letter of approval.

Stage 4: Within four months from the date of the letter of approval in principle, the Main Applicant must provide proof that the contractual undertakings to meet the property requirement have been carried out. Applicants will also have to provide evidence that the local investment requirement has been fulfilled, and that a valid health insurance policy has been taken out. The health cover, as mentioned before, must be for all persons on the application.

Stage 5: If all the relevant requirements have been satisfied throughout the Malta Citizenship by Investment process, the certificate of naturalisation will be issued 12 months after the date on the residence permit. Maltese passport(s) can then be formally released to complete the application process.

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