Malta Residence Programmes

Papilio Services are Approved Agents (AA) for the Malta Individual Investor Programme authorised and trained to guide HNW families through the whole application process. We are also Accredited Agents through Identity Malta to ensure applicants to the Malta Residence programmes are offered high-quality guidance and advice through the process.

With a team of qualified advisers at Papilio Services, we cover all aspects of legal, corporate, accounting and tax professions, we guarantee quality whilst at the same time emphasising the importance client care and service.

Malta Citizenship by Investment

The Malta Citizenship by Investment Programme (also known as the Malta Individual Investor Programme, MIIP) allows HNW and UHNW persons of good standing and repute to be naturalised and to receive Maltese citizenship.

Thomas Jacobsen, Managing Director of Papilio Services Limited, holds licence IIP 046 and has satisfied all requirements imposed by the IIP Regulations. The use of Accredited Agents ensures that the highest standards of quality and due diligence are kept throughout the application process, for the protection and benefit of applicants and the reputation of the Maltese Citizenship by Investment Programme.

Malta Residence Programmes

Malta offers a variety of different residence programmes fit for high net worth individuals and normal residents. Malta has four tax residence programmes for wealthy investors as well as a permanent residence programme.

We have assisted individuals and families across the world take up a residence permit in Malta, taking advantage of Malta’s membership of the European Union and Malta’s Schengen status. Other benefits include:

  • Malta’s tax structure is designed to appeal to high net worth individuals (HNWI), entrepreneurs and their families.
  • There are double-taxation agreements with over 70 countries across the globe.
  • English speaking environment.
  • Malta is home to world-renowned healthcare and educational facilities that are open to all who reside in Malta.
  • Strategic position between Europe and Africa
  • Direct flights to most major European and Middle Eastern airports

Papilio Services Limited – Approved Agents

Are you considering Malta Citizenship by Investment or Malta Residence Programmes? Papilio Services can help you and your family as we are approved agents through Identity Malta we can assist with the residence application through to the issuance of your Malta Passport.

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