Malta company service provider is entities providing corporate services, by way of business, including Malta company formation, Malta directorship services, Malta company secretary services and the provision of registered office, business or correspondence address for businesses.

The use of a Malta company service provider is beneficial for those who are non-resident shareholders and directors as Malta does not require having a local director to incorporate and run a business in Malta. However, what is the specific advantages of using a local company service provider?

Advantages of using a Malta Company Service Provider

One-stop Shop

Typically, most providers have all the typical services you may need for your business such as an accounts team to manage bookkeeping and deal with payroll, reporting and financial statements. Service providers may also have a legal and tax department to offer advice and support to the business. If the company service provider is large enough, they may have specialist services like a recruitment team (Papilio Talent), fintech department and Malta residency department.

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Local Knowledge

Dealing with local government departments and understanding local laws may be difficult for a director to deal with, especially as they may be based outside of Malta. By having a company service provider, they will have connections to the relevant department and can action your query or demand with ease.

Specialist Advice

If your business requires specialist advice or a licence to operate in Malta, a local provider can typically either advise you on your needs or put you in contact with an individual or business that can help you. As service providers generally are made up of lawyers, accountants, compliance specialists and other professionals, they often have a wide range of experience and expertise in different sectors as well as connections across Malta and the world.


Hiring a full-time team can be costly for the business as it requires not only salaries to be paid but an investment of time to get the team operational. By using a Malta company service provider, the costs are much lower than full-time staff as services such as bookkeeping, tax advice, legal assistance and so on are paid on an hourly basis. Backed up by a competent and professional team, this can be not only time productive but also cost-saving.

Regulated Business

All Malta company service providers are regulated and monitored by the MFSA (Malta Financial Services Authority). The overall aim of the MFSA is to monitor the supervision of registered company service providers and their level of compliance with the applicable legislative framework to ensure an appropriate degree of protection for the clients of persons carrying on such regulated activity.

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