The arrival of Queen Elizabeth II in Malta at Malta International Airport

Drizzling and cloudy…

Many will say a typical English weather but for many others it is a note of a great welcome on the Maltese islands of Queen Elizabeth II!

Queen Elizabeth II has arrived in Malta. Her Majesty will be on the Maltese islands for a three-day visit where she will also commemorate the opening ceremony of CHOGM 2015 (Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting).

The Queen and Prince Philip arrived on a chartered A320 aircraft with the royal standard fluttering from the cockpit.

The Armed Forces of Malta set out the tone in honour of what they chose to play “Thanks For The Memory”.

The words sang by Bob Hope take us back in time where afternoons were full of carefree motorcycle trips and sunsets with wine and candles. Memories that indeed, that the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh will cherish from their carefree life on the island from 1949-51.

George VI granted the George Cross to Malta

During the Second World War, the Queen’s father George VI was granted the George Cross for its heroism. The George Cross symbolises not only heroism but also a devotion to its people for used to be one of the worst years during World War II when the Maltese islands were the most bombed country in the world. Today, the George Cross is woven into the Flag of Malta and can be seen wherever the flag is flown.

Queen Elizabeth II in Malta and Saturday 28th of November 2015…

Queen Elizabeth II and the Duke are vising Heritage Malta, Kalkara where they will see ancient book and observe a display of the Maltese culture.

After the visit of seeing the historical artifacts the Duke of Edinburgh will head to Valletta Harbour for the final part of the State visit, at Marsa Racecourse, home to Malta Racing Club and Malta Polo Club.

Queen Elizabeth II and the Duke are set out to depart Malta…