Looking for a Herculean and elegant superyacht?

The steel hull of superyacht Ulysses highlights power and reflects an epitome of adventurism. According to Boat International: “Making use of its ample size and huge 18 metre beam, Ulysses can accommodate 60 guests over seven decks. It has interiors by H2 Yacht Design and amenities include a helicopter landing pad, helicopter garage and a swimming pool. One of the most notable features is the huge 21 metre tender that requires two specially designed cranes to lift it onto the foredeck. A host of other tenders, which provide options for any situation, can also be seen stored on the foredeck and high up on both sides of the yacht. This robust type of yacht seems increasingly in vogue, as exemplified by the 76.6 metre Yersin, which is equipped to protect the planet as well as explore it. Ulysses is currently the world’s fourth largest explorer yacht, but will be overtaken by its big sister. The 116 metre version of Ulysses, Hull 370, is currently being constructed at Kleven for the same owner.

The island of Malta hosts Europe’s largest shipping register, has five per cent of the world’s superyacht fleet under its administration, and boasts a legal and regulatory framework that has made it a safe, efficient and profitable location in which to do business. As Malta Superyacht VAT Registration specialists, we assist and advice with tax efficient solutions to individuals and companies looking to either purchase a superyacht or set up a yachting commercial operation based in Malta.

According to Superyacht Times: “In a time where explorer yachts are marketed as an achievable result by so many, one serial yacht owner set out to create the ultimate seven oceans mile-muncher that would be able to provide him and his family a safe, comfortable and luxurious experience at sea like no other before her. To achieve this, the luxury yachting brands which he once favoured were overlooked, and instead, headed far north into Viking territory for his next project. It is in Norway where the Ulysses journey begins…

Interesting facts:

Ulysses is the Latin name for Odysseus, a hero in ancient Greek literature.