Registered Office in Malta

In compliance with local legislation, every company registered in Malta must have a dedicated registered office in Malta. You’re registered office is Papilio Services offer this service to our clients for them to meet the requirements set for a limited liability company in Malta. 

Having a registered address in Malta will not only meet all the legal and compliance requirements but also reduce the overheads of office space when initially setting up. Therefore, you can save you money and time by taking up a registered address in Malta.

Why is a Registered Office Important?

A company’s registered office must always have a valid address for delivering documents to the company and its directors, shareholders and its officers. The registered office is different from where your trading and operation address may be. The registered office must keep company formation documentation, registers and copies of annual accounts. Having an office in Malta also ensures that the Malta company has enough substance to prove that business decisions are being made in Malta. For more information on the substance in Malta, read our article here.

Can I change my registered office?

Yes, however, any changes to the company’s registered office must always be notified to the Registrar of Companies. Papilio Services can assist you when dealing with the Maltese authorities.

Need Assistance?

If you’re looking for a registered office, Papilio Services offer 360-degree support from the company formation in Malta to back-office support such as bookkeeping, tax advice and more. Contact our team today to arrange a consultation by calling us directly on +356 2122 7553 or email us on, and we will respond to you within 24 hours.

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