Queen Elizabeth II visit to Malta – full of emotions

As written in some of the newspapers in Malta, Queen Elizabeth II had spent some of her happiest years of her married life on the Maltese islands.

It had all started during the early years of her marriage when the Duke of Edinburgh spent two years living at the Villa Guardamangia in Valletta because he was based in Malta with the Royal Navy.

However, what used to be a great getaway Villa is now in ruins. The sad news is that the Maltese government tried to buy the Villa and renovate it, but a legal dispute with its current owners prevents a restoration. As a result, the place is full of dust, rusty and the garden is overtaken by weeds in what used to be the relaxing spot for the Queen and the Duke under the sun.

It is a pity because this Villa was the only place to be called home by Her Majesty outside of the UK and presently the house is left by itself to rotten.

According to one of the co-owners of the villa, something will happen to this house, however not in the upcoming ten years.

What is happening of what used to be the Villa of Queen Elizabeth II?

Back in 2007, the Queen’s visit to Malta resulted in her trying to see the house, but unfortunately owners have resisted and said no. Her last visit inside the house was in 1992.

The Maltese Government said they had initiated a procedure of buying out the property for some time. At the end of the day, it is a historical heritage and national treasure has to be protected.

A picturesque movie scene or footage could have been seen back in the days as described by one of the butlers who shared that during that time Queen Elizabeth II used to drive around the island with her open-topped car and romantically hold hands with the Duke. A pure Mediterranean love story.

The Queen’s trip to Malta

The Queen’s trip to Malta will never be forgotten…

Emotional, loving and a caring moment which will tender everyone into one of those days where we will all remember how happy she was and still is when visiting Malta.

Will we ever get the chance to see another visit of Her Majesty?

One things is for certain. Queen Elizabeth II will always be in our hearts and she will always be an example of unifying countries and promoting peace as she shares that one of her greatest achievements is The Commonwealth, which has grown from 7 members to 53 members during her reign.