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Malta Public Limited Company (p.l.c.)?

A public limited company (p.l.c.) is a limited liability company whose shares can be offered to the general public and subsequently freely transferred/traded without the restrictions applicable to a private limited liability company (ltd). A Malta public limited company can have its shares dematerialised and listed on the Malta Stock Exchange or any other Stock Exchange outside Malta. A Malta public limited company can also have its shares dematerialised without being listed on a Stock Exchange, thereby easing the trading process of the shares in the company (eg by settling trades via Clearstream).

Benefits of a public limited company

• Easier access to capital – A Malta public limited company can raise capital by issuing shares to the public through an Initial Public Offering (IPO) or through subsequent issues of shares
• Other finance – A public limited company may issue bonds to the public and may be in a better position to acquire other finance solutions from banks, etc
• Growth and Expansion – Easier access to finance may result in better potential for growth and expansion
• Enhanced standing – A public limited company, especially if listed on a Stock Exchange, is normally subject to enhanced standards and corporate governance procedures which may enhance its credibility and investor confidence
• Liquidity – Shareholders can buy and sell p.l.c. shares freely and much easier than shares in a private ltd
• Value of shares – The value of shares in a public limited company listed on a Stock Exchange can be easily verified

Malta Company Formation

Requirements for the formation of a public limited company


The name of a Malta public limited company must end with the words “public limited company” or its abbreviation “p.l.c.”. The proposed company name may be reserved with the Malta Registrar of Companies prior to the registration of the company. The Malta Registrar of Companies may refuse to accept a name that is the same as a name of another commercial entity or so similar that it could create confusion. Offensive or otherwise undesirable names may also be rejected.

Number of shareholders

The minimum number of shareholders in a Malta public limited company is two.

Registered office and address

A Malta public limited company must have a registered office in Malta.

Capital requirements for a Maltese company

The minimum authorised and issued share capital of a Malta public limited company is €46,587.47 of which at least 25% must be paid up.

Currency of share capital

The currency of a Malta public limited company may be denominated in Euro and/or in any other convertible currency including US Dollars, GB Pounds, etc.

Corporate governance

The Board of Directors of a Malta public limited company is responsible for the running of the business of the company and the directors are vested with the representation of the company. The minimum number of directors in a Malta public limited company is two.

The Board of Directors is responsible for putting adequate corporate governance procedures and processes in place to ensure that the company is run in accordance with all relevant rules and regulations.

General supervision

A statutory auditor must be appointed and must be a Maltese resident. All companies in Malta must produce a set of financial statements and have these audited annually.

Malta company registration 

We are registered with the Malta Financial Services Authority as a Company Service Provider and can provide services with regard to the formation of companies and other legal entities, arranging for a person to act as director/company secretary of a company, acting or arranging for a person to act as a partner of a partnership and the provision of a registered office, business correspondence or administrative address and any other related services for companies, partnerships and other legal entities in Malta.

We are able to guide clients through the whole process of setting up and administering a Malta public limited company and have experience with regard to dematerialising shares of a Malta public limited company and listing a Malta public company on a Stock Exchange.