Opening ceremony of CHOGM Malta 2015: head of Commonwealth

Who would be the next head of the organization? A hint was delivered by Her Majesty suggesting The Prince of Wales should be the successor so that the organizations is more democratic.

Alongside his mother on a visit of CHOGM Malta 2015, he will try demonstrate a will to unite and be stronger together as one while meeting as many leaders as possible in person.

Queen Elizabeth II shared in her speech how she could not: “wish to have been better supported and represented in the Commonwealth than by The Prince of Wales who continues to give so much to it with great distinction”.

Malta and the growing refugee crisis on the shores

It was noted by Her Majesty, however, that delegates presently at the Meeting have failed to cope with the migration crisis coming to the shores of the Maltese islands.

None of the Commonwealth leaders, nor any of the Royal family members are to be scheduled to visit the Malta’s southern coast but it was shared by Neil Falzon, who is head of Aditus, that the camps are in such a bad condition, he doubts the government would insist to show that part of the Royal visit.

Opening ceremony of CHOGM Malta 2015

The Commonwealth of Nations is an intergovernmental organization of 53 member states from around the world who were mostly under the rule of the British Empire.

The organization dates back to the mid-20th century with the decolonisation of the British Empire. It was initially formed by the London Declaration in 1949, which put together all member states free and equal. The symbol of the Commonwealth is Queen Elizabeth II who is the Head of the Commonwealth.

The visit of Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Charles and Prince Philip, the Maltese government produced a remarkable opening ceremony.