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Offshore company formation and high quality registration services alongside international tax planning structures.

Offshore Company Registration or Malta?

Offshore company formation is available in many financial jurisdictions and refers to a company or other type of legal entity which is set up and registered in an offshore jurisdiction. A common reason for forming an entity in an offshore jurisdiction is often to take advantage of legislation that are not necessarily available in the shareholders country of residence. When one thinks of an offshore company they usually think of tax savings, asset protection and confidentiality. Typically, they have also been referred to as “tax havens”.

Malta as a financial jurisdiction is a viable alternative to an offshore company formation as it offers many of the benefits traditionally associated with an offshore jurisdiction but also crucially has a reputation as one of the top financial services centres in the world. Malta has an attractive tax system in place that offers a potentially low rate of taxation and also has a full participation exemption regime in place. Interestingly, Malta as a jurisdiction understands and fully legislates for the use of trusts and for foundations which gives a myriad of planning opportunities for asset protection and confidentiality.

Malta is fully regulated by the Malta Financial Services Authority and abides by EU Directives with regards to compliance and anti-money laundering legislation. It has in place over 70 double taxation agreements with countries all over the world including major jurisdictions which allow for many planning opportunities. The country is a member of the European Union and also benefits from the Parent Subsidiary Directive which seeks to eliminate the possibility of double taxation on dividends when a subsidiary and parent company are situated in different member states.

Increasingly cost of set up and ongoing services is becoming important for investors and organisations owing to the challenging conditions in place. Because certain offshore jurisdictions have become more expensive in recent times, Malta has taken advantage of this by offering a highly skilled and professional work force at affordable rates. English is a national language and all legislation is in Maltese and English making it easy to carry out business transactions and operations in Malta.

Malta Company Formation – Company Registration Specialists

It is clear to see that the many advantages of seeking an offshore company formation or offshore company registration are also offered within Malta but with the added advantage of Malta having a reputation as one of the top financial services centres in the world.