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Why Malta?

With its 7,500-year history, Malta has a unique history and offers breath-taking sceneries and places to see and visit. Situated in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea, just south of Italy, Malta offers an excellent climate and a typical Mediterranean lifestyle all year round.

Malta has a strong democracy, well developed legal system and established institutions that provide a highly evolved educational system and first class health services to its population. The country is also safe, with one of the lowest crime rates in Europe.

Malta has one of the lowest unemployment rates in Europe and has very well developed industry, tourism and financial sectors. The country is well linked with Europe and the rest of the world. Malta also offers efficient solutions for conducting international business and is a popular destination for a broad variety of business activities.

Malta residency programs

Malta residency programs

Maltese lifestyle

Typical Mediterranean quality of life, warm weather for most of the calendar year and amazing islands offering beautiful beaches makes Malta a desirable destination for tourists and people wishing to move to Malta.

A number of well-known international businesses have either set up a company in Malta as part of their operations or have moved management and control to Malta because of the attractive and efficient Malta Tax System.

Malta Residency Programmes

Malta has introduced a number of residency programmes which can be applied for through an authorised mandatory or accredited agent. Recognising that everyone’s circumstances and requirements are unique and that the reasons for wanting to change one’s residence vary, the various Malta Residence programmes offer a certain amount of flexibility and a number of different benefits.

As both registered authorised mandatories with the Maltese Inland Revenue Department and as an accredited agent with Identity Malta we can assist and advise on a number of Malta Residency Programmes.

The most popular ones are:

There are other really attractive programmes available dependent on nationality and other criteria which we can advise all interested potential applicants on.

Some of the programmes have favourable tax benefits further enhancing Malta as a popular place to consider relocating to. Malta is currently considered one of the top places in Europe to reside in with regards to quality of life.

Malta residency requirements

With correct advice tailored to your individual requirements, the best suited Malta residency programme can be selected. The process of application is relatively straightforward and we are able to assist with the necessary paperwork to be able to move to Malta.

Everyone is able to stay in Malta for 90 days on a normal tourist Visa. For longer stays you must regularise your position, by registration or application, depending on your nationality.

Malta travel guide

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Where do I apply for my residency permit?

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