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Malta residence guidelines and residency requirements

Moving to Malta? What Malta Residency programmes should you consider?

Have you considered moving to Malta? Some of the main reasons to relocate to Malta are the relaxed island lifestyle and the ease of doing business in Malta.

Relocating to Malta has many benefits and there are a number of Malta residence programmes with special tax status. Some of the most popular ones are: Permanent Residence in Malta, Global Residence Programme in Malta and Malta Residence and Visa Programme. They all have their specific residency requirements, however the application process is fairly straightforward and easy now that Malta is a member of the EU.

Why Malta?

Malta, is a southern European country based in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea underneath Italy.The country of Malta consists of a number of isles in the Mediterranean Sea. Located just below Sicily, the Maltese Archipelago is made up of a number of Islands. These consist of the more populated islands of Malta and Gozo, as well as the smaller islands of Comino, Cominotto, Filfla, St Paul’s Islands and Manoel Island.

The capital city of the Republic of Malta is Valletta, which was officially recognised as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1980. One’s first impression on the city is a beautiful mix of classical architecture delights drawing from a colourful and varied history fused together with more modern elements. The city hosts many tourists during the long summer season which runs from April to October. Valletta, is well known for its many spectacular views, baroque architecture and its friendly local population. A trip to the marina is also a popular destination for tourists owing to its lovely views and picturesque seafronts, which are often complimented by a variety of boats and superyachts.

The island of Gozo is the second-largest island within the Maltese archipelago. Gozo can be described as having more green areas, is more family oriented and is generally seen as a lot calmer than its neighbouring islands. Gozo has often been used as a shoot location for a number of well-known Hollywood movies. The greatest attraction is the Azure Window which is a limestone natural arch and is a must see for any visitor to Gozo.

Comino is the third largest island of the Maltese archipelago. Relaxing, peaceful and mesmerizing are often used to describe this beautiful isle. Lying in the crystal blue waters between Comino and Cominotto is the picturesque Blue Lagoon, which is a popular destination for scuba diving, sun bathing and boat trips daily.

Comino island, Malta

Comino island, Malta

Residency in Malta or what types of Malta residence programmes are available?

The Republic of Malta is a democratic republic with a strong legal system and a popular financial destination, which makes it relatively easy to start or continue doing business in Malta. The country has one of the lowest crime rates in Europe and a highly evolved educational system. Another great asset is the financial sector that is attractive to many due to the competitive Malta Tax System. Malta also offers a number of efficient solutions for many trading companies such as iGaming businesses, maritime operations and ecommerce organisations.

Recently, Malta has become popular amongst many expats, whom have taken advantage of a number of tax beneficial Malta residence programmes.

Please find a number of Malta residence programmes below:
Malta Citizenship by Investment Programme
Malta Global Residence Programme
Malta Permanent Residence
Malta Retirement Programme
The Residence Programme 2014
United Nations Pensions Programme
Highly Qualified Persons Rules Programme
• Malta Residence and Visa Programme

Every Malta residence programme has its own specific requirements and conditions. The application process also differs dependent on the particular programme.

How can I apply for a residency permit or programme in Malta?

As experienced and authorised Malta residence programme specialists we can assist you through the whole process efficiently and can also advise on the appropriate Malta residence programme based on your particular circumstances.

Malta residence application and process

We can assist you through the Malta residence programme application process efficiently and guide you from start to completion.

What are the fees for the application?

Each Malta residence programme has its own pricing structure due to the conditions of the programme and length of application process.

As trusted Malta Tax Advisors, we provide high quality services in helping you to acquire residency in Malta. Please get in touch for further information and we would be happy to assist you.