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Corporate and financial services in Malta

Doing business in Malta – Malta Corporate Services

Malta’s status as one of Europe’s leading financial and commercial centres has been firmly established in recent years.  Despite its size, being the smallest EU Member State, its growth has made it one of the most attractive destinations in the EU to invest in.  Financial Services, in its broadest meaning, has been the foundation for making Malta into a platform for international business.

Malta’s reputation for stability, security, predictability and professionalism is made on the back of the hard work put in by the professional rank in Malta. One field of expertise, which we are proud to contribute to, is the provision of Malta Corporate Services.

Corporate services in Malta

Corporate services in Malta

Company Service Provider Registration

Papilio Services Limited is registered as a company service provider with the Malta Financial Services Authority.  This registration permits us to provide the following services:

  • Formation of companies and other legal entities;
  • Arranging for a person to act as director or company secretary of a company;
  • Acting or arranging for a person to act as a partner of a partnership;
  • Provision of a registered office, business correspondence or administrative address;
  • Other related services for a company, partnership or any other legal entity.

Our core business is the provision of comprehensive and real value added Malta Corporate Services.

Why Malta

Why Malta

Malta Company Formation Services

We advise and assist our clients with all aspects of setting up a Malta limited liability company (both private and public), Malta partnership (both limited and general), foundations (both private and purpose/charitable) any other legal entity in Malta. We also advise and assist our clients with all aspects of setting up a Malta trust.

A Malta company can be used for a number of different reasons. A Malta holding company is a popular solution for the holding of assets, both for non-EU owners of assets situated in the EU and for EU owners of assets situated outside the EU.

A Malta company can also be used for active business purposes and we have assisted clients with setting up companies to hold and exploit intellectual property, conduct international trade in a variety of goods and services, provide online-based services, provide online gaming services and is an ideal solution for start-up business that need a safe and robust jurisdiction which is at the same time cost and tax efficient.

We have assisted clients with setting up Maltese public companies with its shares being dematerialised and connected to the Clearstream system via its Maltese agent the Malta Stock Exchange and we are currently providing services to Malta public companies that are listed on the German Stock Exchange and companies that are in the process of building up to a listing on the local and/or foreign stock exchanges.

Director and Company Secretary Services

We are able to provide and/or source director and company secretary services for Maltese public and private companies. Our services can be provided by our designated local resident company, Papilio Corporate Limited, which is authorised for the purpose, or by local resident individuals, depending on the needs of the client. Our terms and conditions will depend on the activities of the company, its operations both in terms of volume, character and geographical area, general risk factors and whether or not the company will be registered for VAT or not.

Registered Office and Correspondence Address Services

We are able to provide both registered and correspondence address services including reception, telephone and mail-administration services. We are also able to provide actual office space in a full service office building in Valletta.

Related compliance, administration and book-keeping services

We are able to assist with all related compliance services, such as completing and filing annual return, financial statements and annual general meeting resolutions due to the Maltese Registrar of Companies, quarterly VAT returns due to the Maltese VAT Department, annual income tax returns due to the Maltese Inland Revenue Department and monthly and annual payroll filings due to the Maltese Inland Revenue Department.

Our Corporate Services department handles all relevant administration services, including assisting with issuing of invoices, handling bank payments, drafting and reviewing agreements and any other administrative task necessary including services related to employing persons in Malta. The department also handles all corporate actions including all necessary paperwork with regard to changes in share capital, changes to company status or officers and any board or members’ resolutions that may be required.

Our Accounting Services department handles all relevant accounting services, including day-to day book-keeping, provision of management accounts, preparation of financial statements, trial balance reviews and relevant reconciliation and preparation of the audit file.

We actively assist clients in moving companies to Malta, whether by moving effective management and control to Malta or through the process of continuation (ie re-domiciliation) of non-Maltese companies in Malta (or of Maltese companies outside Malta).

We advise and assist on corporate re-structuring, mergers and acquisitions using Malta corporate entities and are able to advise on all company, corporate, income tax and stamp duty consequences of proposed transactions.

We also provide all necessary services required for the dissolution and winding up (ie liquidation) of any Maltese corporate entity.

Value added Malta corporate services

We provide our Malta corporate services to clients so that they can concentrate on the actual operations of the business with peace of mind and in the knowledge that all necessary compliance, administration and back-office services are handled in a professional, timely and cost-efficient manner.