Established in 2013, Identity Malta was formed with the clear purpose of being the focal point for all national identity records, passport records, public and land registries. The Identity Malta Agency falls under the responsibility of the Ministry of Home Affairs and National Security.

Who are the Identity Malta Agency?

The main responsibilities of Identity Malta relate mainly to Malta Citizenship, Malta Residence Permits, Work Permits in Malta and all other administrative tasks related to expatriates living in Malta. It is responsible for all matters related to national identity cards and identity documents. It is also responsible for the Malta Citizenship by Investment programme, which includes vetting all applications, the due diligence on all applicants and the administration related to the naturalisation and citizenship offering to a successful applicant and his / her family. Maltese Citizenship by registration, by naturalisation or by birth is also handled by the Identity Malta Agency.

Identity Malta also administers all other Malta Residence Programmes available to high net worth individuals looking to settle in Malta. All applications for these programmes as well as the Malta Citizenship by Investment programme should be made through an approved mandatory licenced agent approved by Identity Malta. Thomas Jacobsen of Papilio Services Limited is licenced by Identity Malta for this purpose.

An individual in living in Malta should apply for an e-ID card or an e-Residence Permit. The e-ID account gives an individual access to relevant Government online services. Identity Malta is responsible for the set up and administration for e-ID accounts.

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