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How to apply for a European Union citizenship?

Malta has not only opened doors for serious entrepreneurs and business entrepreneurs, it also welcomes people to come in and settle within the country. There has been a provision which states foreign nationals and individuals can become a permanent citizen of the country through a certain investment. There are certain procedures in order to qualify for citizenship by investment and in this article we are going to clarify to you the overall procedures, fees and requirements for attaining citizenship by investment.

Malta Citizenship by Investment Programme

The process begins with main applicant looking for acquiring a place in Malta to reside and during this period, the applicant can reside on a lease contract or in a rented accommodation. When the applicant has attained an address in Malta, then it is necessary to file an application under the Malta Individual Investor Programme and this should be done in person. At this point, the primary applicant shall be able to submit the complete Malta Citizenship through investment program application and within this period, any application for dependants should also be fulfilled.

While you are considering the results for application, you need to be aware for relevant application fees for covering the thorough due diligence process. It is essential for every applicant to submit a passport fee and the relevant bank charges. A professional fee is necessary which needs to be paid to the authorized agent offering Malta citizenship by investment programme and that agent is going to handle the overall application process on behalf of applicant.

Citizenship by investment

Citizenship by investment

The different fees for Malta IIP programme are as follows:

The main applicant requires €7500, for spouse €5000, children between ages 13 and 18 €3000, children between ages 18-26 requires €5000 and for the dependant parents over the age of 55 requires €5000. Besides the investment, application fees and documents there is not much left when it is about citizenship by investment. The applicant needs to demonstrate a good understanding of either English or Maltese alongside understanding skills, prove his/her ability to stay in Malta and undergo a health check up procedure for the detection of any serious illness. While an applicant is applying for a visa after attaining a citizenship by investment, he/she can also apply for visas of their dependants. When a spouse is included in an application, an additional amount of €25000 should be made and for a dependent parent, the applicant requires an additional €50000.

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