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“When you open a book you start reading through the pages, when you apply for citizenship by investment in Malta you enjoy a transformation.”

Why citizenship by investment in Malta?

Today, we live in dynamic times where a lot of factors can play a role in a decision to consider relocating to a different country. Seeking a new residence could be driven for financial, taxation, political reasons or simply someone seeking extra security. The option of obtaining a Maltese passport and thus Malta residence is an attractive one for a number of reasons and it is a relatively straightforward and easy process. It provides Malta citizenship and naturally citizenship of the European Union.

How is citizenship through investment obtained?

When considering the option of applying for citizenship by investment in Malta, an individual must first check that they meet the eligibility for Malta citizenship by investment requirements. One of the main factors of eligibility is that the individual and his family must not originate from a country that has sanctions placed on it. Also the individual considering applying for the citizenship through investment programme must also be eighteen years of age.

If the individual is eligible to apply for citizenship through investment then they will then have to meet several conditions as part of the Malta citizenship by investment process. This will usually start with the individual securing a place in Malta to reside in, which could be temporary rented accommodation or they could choose to purchase property. Once a place to live in has been secured the individual must than file in person an application seeking a residence permit in Malta. Once the residence permit has been issued confirming the Malta residence of the individual and his family it is at this point that the application for citizenship by investment through Malta can be submitted. Identity Malta will on receipt of the application check the citizenship by investment application and issue a confirmation of receipt.

There are a number of conditions to satisfy and it is during this period that the individual will show that they have met the conditions of the Malta Citizenship by Investment programme. Once Identity Malta are comfortable that all conditions related to the citizenship by investment programme have been achieved they will issue a certificate of naturalisation. This certificate is issued 12 months after the date on the initial Malta residence permit. The Malta passport can then be issued on completion of the application process.

As an accredited agent for the Malta citizenship by investment programme we can assist you through the application and advise accordingly to ensure a smooth and efficient process.

Citizenship by investment in Malta

Citizenship by investment in Malta

Why live and get citizenship in Malta?

The Maltese archipelago, part of EU, consists of three islands: Malta, Gozo and Comino. Malta is the largest island. Valletta is the capital city of Malta and is also known as “The Fortress City, Citta”. The name Valletta comes from the Order of St. John, Jean Parisot de la Valette. The capital city of Malta is a European Financial Centre and a World Heritage City.

There is plenty to do on the Maltese islands such as dining out and enjoying the fantastic Maltese food, walking along the lovely promenades or going to explore the crafts villages or simply just taking in the breath-taking scenery. Let’s also not forget the wonderful beaches with crystal clear blue water that attract millions of tourists every year!

However one of the main advantages is the sunny and warm weather! Malta’s enjoys a lovely sunny climate with a daily average of around 12 hour’s sunshine. The warm season begins from March and runs right through to October with the peak months of July and August.

Malta is also very popular with language schools. It is considered to be a leader in the world for attracting thousands of international students to learn English.

Best citizenship programme?

Malta’s economic citizenship by investment programme has attracted many looking to improve their quality of life. Having a Maltese passport is also considered to be one of the most desired in the world. So, why not live better?

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