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Dual citizenship Malta Europe

Dual citizenship in Europe

Dual citizenship or multiple citizenship, is an individual’s citizenship status where an individual is regarded as a citizen of more than one country. National laws vary and depending on the country, multiple citizenship is allowed after meeting a certain criteria of conditions.

However, some countries do not permit dual citizenship. For example, some countries require withdrawing its citizenship for another or renounce existing citizenship. Consequently, other countries do not permit a renunciation of citizenship. Nevertheless, dual citizenship in Malta is allowed and a second passport can be obtained through the Malta Individual Investor Programme.

Citizenship Through Naturalization

Having to have the country’s rights to vote or other related rights as a citizen is determined within the jurisdiction itself. For instance, certain laws can fulfil the requirements to hold multiple citizenship. Hereafter, certain national laws may require additional conditions as to whether to hold another citizenship status or not.

Examples of a citizenship:

Citizenship by descent. Today, citizenship is traced through any parent or grandparents. Currently, the citizenship laws in most countries are based on citizenship by descent. Citizenship by descent can also extend to children born outside the country, and sometimes even when the parent has lost citizenship.

Citizenship by birth. Countries such as The United States, Canada, and many Latin American countries grant unconditional birth right citizenship. However, other countries have stopped citizenship birth hopping. Nations such as Australia, France, Germany, Ireland, New Zealand, South Africa, and the United Kingdom have laws which require at least one parent to be a citizen of the subsequent nation. If not, then a legal permanent documentation has to be presented as an evidence of living in the country for several years.

Citizenship by marriage. Some countries may give a citizenship status to spouses of its citizens.

Citizenship by naturalization. Naturalization (or naturalisation) is when a non-citizen in a country may acquire citizenship or nationality of that country. The rules of naturalization vary in every country. For instance, becoming a European resident can be under the Malta Individual Investor Programme.

Citizenship by adoption. A minor adopted from alternative country when at least one adoptive parent is a citizen of that specific country.

Citizenship by investment. The Malta Citizenship by Investment Programme will give you the rights Maltese citizens are entitled to, including a Maltese Passport and Visa-free travel to more than 160 countries. The Individual Investor Programme of the Republic of Malta allows for obtaining European dual citizenship under dual citizenship application form where we can assist and advice as an accredited agent.

Dual Citizenship Malta | Papilio Services Limited

Dual Citizenship Malta

Dual citizenship countries

Austria – multiple citizenship is possible with special permission or if it was obtained at birth;
Belgium – allows;
Bulgaria – Bulgarian citizens of descent can have multiple citizenship, but foreigners wanting to naturalize must renounce their old citizenship;
Croatia – generally allows citizens by descent to have dual citizenship and forbids it only in certain cases, but foreigners wanting to naturalize must renounce their old citizenship;
Cyprus – allows;
Czech Republic – allows;
Denmark – allows;
Estonia – forbids multiple citizenship, but citizens by descent cannot be deprived of their Estonian citizenship, so they de facto can have dual citizenship;
Finland – allows;
France – allows;
Germany – allows multiple citizenship with other EU countries and Switzerland; Note that dual citizenship with other countries is possible with special permission or if obtained at birth;
Greece – allows;
Hungary – grants dual citizenship to people living in, and having ancestors in territories which were annexed from Hungary at the end of World War I, provided they can still speak Hungarian;
Ireland – allows;
Italy – allows;
Latvia – dual citizenship with Latvia has been allowed for citizens of member countries of EU, NATO and EFTA;
Lithuania – only individual cases allow for dual citizenship;
Luxembourg – allows;
Malta – allows under the Malta Individual Investor Programme;
Netherlands – multiple citizenship is allowed under certain conditions: e.g., foreign citizenship may be kept if obtained at birth or in the event of naturalization via marriage;
Portugal – allows;
Romania – allows;
Slovakia – dual citizenship is permitted to Slovak citizens who acquire a second citizenship by birth or through marriage;
Slovenia – allows dual citizenship, but foreigners wanting to naturalize must renounce their old citizenship;
Spain – Spanish citizens by descent can have dual citizenship;
Sweden – allows;
United Kingdom – allows.

Dual citizenship Europe | Papilio Services Limited

Dual citizenship Europe

How to obtain dual citizenship?

Currently, Malta accepts dual or multiple citizenship/s and for the dual citizenship process you may hold your Maltese citizenship together with your current passport. However, we strongly advice to contact us should you wish to proceed with dual citizenship.

Dual Citizenship Malta Europe

Dual Citizenship Malta Europe

Malta Citizenship by Investment Programme – Good citizen

Being a good citizen of Malta constitutes of many factors. One of them is education which is essential to good citizenship. It helps other citizens to contribute to the local culture and expand possibilities on the Maltese islands. Good citizenship can be viewed as requiring both intellectual skills and participatory skills where working for the good of the people of the nation is obligatory. In addition, supporting the local economy by creating jobs and at the same time attracting direct international investments can help boost the GDP of the nation.

Doing business in Malta has become an attractive option for many multinational companies looking to either move management and control to Malta or simply set up a company in Malta. The Republic of Malta is a European country that enjoys strong relationships with the EU, Middle East and North African markets that allows for a collaborative environment alongside tax-efficient solutions that emerges with highly-skilled work-force and a strong fiscal framework.

Citizenship by investment – Identity Malta Approved IIP Agent 

As experienced and authorised Malta residence programme specialists we can assist you throughout the process of obtaining dual citizenship. Get complete solution of Malta Residency and see its requirements.