For many wealthy people around the world, Citizenship by Investment was a luxury that afforded investors improving their life with a second passport. Reasons that investors consider moving their citizenship include:

  • 78% – Educational and employment opportunities for their children overseas
  • 73% – Preferable economic climate
  • 73% – Greater security
  • 18% – Health care and social services

But this may be about to change. With Coronavirus shocking the world and issues such as isolation, grounded flights, extreme pressure on healthcare and a stalling economy, the big question is, what is next for passport programmes?

What’s Next for Citizenship by Investment

However, with the Coronavirus outbreak, investors are considering other options. To my point, Caribbean Citizenship by Investment programmes was very popular beforehand as investors very rarely live in the Caribbean with their new passport. However, this may be less attractive now when it comes to their families well being, safety and health as finding a new country to live in may be a priority.

Malta and the Coronavirus

On the other hand, Citizenship by Investment programmes in Europe is becoming more popular. Countries such as Malta and Cyprus offer investors membership to the EU, world-class healthcare facilities, plenty of personal freedoms and top educational facilities. 

Take Malta, for example. During COVID, Malta has handled the pandemic very well. The Maltese government closed the borders, imposed €3,000 fines for those breaking quarantine rules and closed non-essential businesses. Moreover, they made individuals over the age of 65, pregnant women and individuals with pre-existing conditions place themselves in isolation. Therefore, from the 500,000 population, there have only been 610 cases.

How to Choose the Best Citizenship by Investment Programme

If investors are looking at Citizenship by Investment programmes, they need to consider implications such as COVID when choosing their ideal passport. In our article “How to Pick the Best Citizenship by Investment Program” you can find more details on a step by step plan on how you can choose to narrow down the programme for you. However, the steps include:

  1. Know the countries that offer a programme
  2. Decide on your budget
  3. Narrow down your objective and why you want a second passport
  4. Consult with professionals that can guide you

Looking back on government action in countries across the world will surely prompt individuals to reconsider their citizenship as this is something that high net worth investors have control over. Therefore, if you’re considering changing your passport and having a Plan-B, contact Papilio Services today. We’re authorised agents in Malta to provide the Malta Citizenship by Investment programme to investors. 

Malta Citizenship by Investment Programme

The Malta Citizenship by Investment programme requires investors to:

  1. Invest €150,000 into government bonds or local securities
  2. Contribute €650,000 to the National Development and Social Fund
  3. Purchase a property for €350,000 or rent a property for at least €16,000 per annum.

(Requirements for the Malta Citizenship by Investment Programme)

Contact Us for a Consultation

Picking the best programme for you and your family can be a daunting task as it is a big investment in your time and money. However, consulting with a professional team dedicated to your needs is something that goes a long way in making this decision.

If you wish to have a consultation, you can contact our approved IIP agent today to arrange a consultation by emailing us on or call us directly on +356 2122 7553, and we will respond to you within 24 hours.

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