CHOGM Malta 2015 or also known as the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting 2015

The CHOGM Malta 2015 meeting is the 24th assembly of the heads of government of the Commonwealth of Nations. It took place in Malta from 27 to 29 November.

The history behind CHOGM Malta 2015

The meeting, which was originally supposed to be in Mauritius, was therefore given to Malta when the Mauritian Prime Minister Navin Ramgoolam refused to attend the CHOGM 2013 over the human rights situation prevailing in the host country, Sri Lanka. Consequently, he withdrew to be the host of the 2015 summit as protocol had required him to attend the summit in order to personally invite other member states.

The venue of the CHOGM Malta 2015

The main street in Valletta, Malta hung Flags for this occasion on the Republic Street, Valletta.

CHOGM 2015 in Valletta | Papilio Services Limited

The summit was held at various venues in Valletta such as: Għajn Tuffieħa’s Golden Bay and Fort St. Angelo in Birgu. The official opening of the ceremony was at the Mediterranean Conference Centre in Valetta. The message or theme of the event was “The Commonwealth – Adding Global Value”. As a contribution to societies on a global scale, a series of civil society conferences in the form of a People’s Forum, Women’s Forum, Youth Forum and Business Forum were held to empower economic growth, build on strong democracy and human rights.

Theme of the CHOGM Malta 2015

The agenda of the the Commonwealth meeting is to focus on climate change and global sustainability. Today, small island nations are being threatened by rising sea levels and drastic global abnormalities in temperature. Therefore, a proposal needs to be discussed to allow these countries to write off their debts in exchange for taking measures to protect the environment.

The summit, also addressed terrorism and security measures that should be enforced because of the European migrant crisis. The British Prime Minister David Cameron and Prime Minister Joseph Muscat both raised the issue of a continuous criminalization of homosexuality in 40 of the Commonwealth’s 53 members. As a result, the newly elected Commonwealth Secretary-General Baroness Patricia Scotland committed herself to promote decriminalization of homosexuality in Commonwealth countries. In addition, Cameron also pledged to increase cooperation among members to deal with “poisonous ideologies” and violent extremism.

Where is the next venue going to be held?

The leaders have agreed that the next venue will be held in Vanuatu scheduled for 2017. Reason for this particular place to be selected as a host is due to the long-term effects of devastation the island has been encountering caused by Cyclone Pam in March 2015.