What are the 8 Benefits of Starting a Business in Malta?

Setting up a business can be a relatively simple task with the right support. But with the world being so globalised have you considered starting up a business in Malta? We think you should! So here are our eight reasons on why you should be starting up a business in Malta.

1. The Maltese tax system is designed to attract investors and entrepreneurs.

The Maltese tax system is designed to attract investors and entrepreneurs. The Malta tax system requires Maltese companies to pay a corporate tax rate of 35%. However, there is a refund system in place that allows shareholders to receive a 6/7th refund on dividends. Therefore, this makes the effective tax rate of 5%. That to say if you want detailed insight into Malta’s tax system click here.

2. Double Taxtion Treaties

Malta has made over 70 double taxation treaties with countries from around the world. In other words, these treaties provide two things — protection from double taxation on the same income from two states and protection against excessive foreign tax.

3. Strategic Location

As Malta in the Mediterranean, the island’s location is very strategic. Positioned between Europe and Africa, Malta benefits from being one-hour ahead of UTC. Moreover, access to Malta is simple thanks to Malta’s international airport. Flights to major airports over the world include:

  • London – 2 hours 52 minutes (Direct)
  • Paris – 2 hours 28 minutes (Direct)
  • Frankfurt – 2 hours 21 minutes (Direct)
  • Cape Town – 15 hours 20 mins (1 Stop)
  • Dubai – 7 hours 15 minutes (1 Stop)
  • Delhi – 11 hours 55 minutes (1 stop)
  • Shanghai – 14 hours 10 minutes (1 stop)
  • Singapore – 14 hours 30 minutes (1 stop)
  • New York – 12 hours 20 minutes (1 stop)
  • Toronto – 12 hours 35 minutes (1 stop)

4. Quality Workforce

Malta has a lower-cost and highly qualified workforce compared to the rest of Europe. The cost of living in Malta is 18% cheaper compared to its EU counterparts. Therefore, due to the lower cost of living, salaries and rent are more economical than say Denmark, Ireland, Luxembourg and the UK, who all scored higher than the EU average. Most importantly, the standard of education in Malta is world-class, making Malta an excellent spot to find your perfect team.

Price level index for household final consumption expenditure (EU-28=100), 2018

Source: Eurostat (Link here)

5. Member of the EU

Being a member of the EU also brings some fantastic benefits. In short, this includes free trade between members, a vast potential market, the currency and competition laws. Read more 6 Benefits of Setting Up a Business in the EU’.

6. English Speaking

Malta is an English speaking country. Therefore, this makes doing business with the rest of the world a much easier task. Moreover, as Malta attracts many EU citizens, it is more than likely, you will find a multilingual workforce here than anywhere else in the EU.

7. Sound Banking System

The banking system is composed of national banks (such as Bank of Valletta) and international banks (such as HSBC). Malta’s banking system is also ranked T-14th in the world for the soundest banking system from the World Economic Forum.

8. Life in Malta

Finally, the Maltese lifestyle is one to be desired.

  • Climate – Malta benefits from 300 days of sunshine per year
  • Food & Drink – Malta has a Mediterranean and North African influence making some fantastic cuisine.
  • History – Malta is home to 3 UNESCO World Heritage sites and has another 7 locations pending nomination. If you’re interested in an amusing yet informative YouTube video of Maltese history, click here.
  • Culture – Malta reflects various societies that have come into contact with the Maltese Islands throughout the centuries. For more insights into Maltese culture, Malta Uncovered does a great article here.

Mdina is a fortified city in the Northern Region of Malta, which served as the island’s capital from antiquity to the medieval period.

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