International Trading Company

International Trading Company in Malta

An international trading company is a business that trades across many countries and jurisdictions. For larger organisations, an international trading company is likely to have a legal entity such as a limited company or […]

Brexit and UK nationals living in Malta

The UK has published its proposal for safeguarding the position of EU citizens living in the UK and UK nationals living in the EU.

The proposal gives some insight into how the UK Government sees this working in a […]

Malta Flag new guidelines for private yachts

Malta Flag new guidelines for private yachts

New guidelines introduced by Transport Malta allow private superyachts over 500gt, flying the Malta flag, to carry more than 12 guests on board.

Malta’s strategic location in the middle of the […]

Starting a business in Malta

Starting a business in Malta? Why doing business in Malta?

Starting a business in Malta: Economy

Since 2008, the Maltese economy has grown steadily, with GDP growth at an average of 3.1 percent per annum. Throughout the past […]

Malta on National Geographic

Discover the beauty of Malta, a country steeped in history and set in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea

— NatGeoTravel (@NatGeoTravel) 27 April 2017

Brexit News

Brexit News Today

Brexit negotiations are set to start following the British Prime Minister Theresa May’s letter to the EU triggering the now (in)famous Article 50 late last month. The multi-billion-pound questions are “how will this affect the UK’s […]


SKILL GAMES LICENCE & Fantasy Sports Ruling

Fantasy Sports operators operating in or from Malta are required to obtain a skill games licence following the Malta Gaming Authority’s recent ruling in terms of the newly published Malta Skill Games Regulations.


Maltese property taxes

Maltese property taxes

The Maltese Islands, situated in the centre of the Mediterranean just south of Sicily, are proving a popular destination for people who want to take up residence outside their country of nationality. The rich historical and […]

Key Employee Initiative

Key Employee Initiative – Malta residence programme

Malta is becoming a more attractive country to non-EU nationals owing to special tax status Malta residence programmes. Identity Malta has launched a new Malta residence programme called the “The […]

Superyacht Ulysses

Looking for a Herculean and elegant superyacht?

The steel hull of superyacht Ulysses highlights power and reflects an epitome of adventurism. According to Boat International: “Making use of its ample size and huge 18 metre beam, Ulysses can accommodate […]

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