Regulatory Compliance

The importance of Regulatory Compliance

With new legislation and stricter regulatory guidance issued on a frequent basis to protect investors and improve transparency the importance of understanding regulatory compliance has become crucial to stop it becoming a burden on your business.

Businesses as they adapt to a changing regulatory environment are increasingly having to implement procedures to ensure they enhance and fulfil compliance processes and regulatory compliance has become an important phrase that can make or break an organization and its directors. The implications of non-compliance have seen an increased focus by the board of directors and senior management on regulatory compliance.

The role of the compliance function

The Compliance function is generally responsible for training and stimulation of the board and management on the legislation relevant to that organization. The Compliance function should seek to compile and maintain a regulatory compliance culture within the organization. Further to this the Compliance function should prioritize all legislation and regulations according to risk, initiate projects to comply with new regulatory requirements, keep the organization updated with new regulatory compliance legislation, complete the Compliance Risk Management Plan, escalate compliance matters to management and report frequently on compliance matters.

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Papilio Services assist by supporting your organization in understanding the regulatory environment, assessing your requirements, and addressing what is needed for full compliance. We are also able to provide or source out compliance officers / function within your business organization.

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