Governance and Company Secretary

Good Corporate Governance and the Company Secretary position of a company are often seen as going in hand in hand with each other. The increased importance of Corporate Governance has seen the role of Company Secretary enhanced and the appointment is generally seen as a key appointment. In most jurisdictions the appointment of a company secretary is usually required by law for a corporate entity and the appointment is usually an individual rather than a corporate body.

The Company Secretary is seen as a key appointment of the company and is responsible for the smooth administration of the company and for assisting with the good governance of the business. Whilst not having the responsibilities and duties of a Director, the Company Secretary has important administrative responsibilities and may be liable if they are not carried out properly.

With ever changing local legislation it can be easy to underestimate the roles and responsibilities of the Company Secretary and thus ensuring good corporate governance. We can assist you with the provision of a Company Secretary services with local legislative and regulatory knowledge to carry out key responsibilities and statutory filings for your business.

Company Secretary Role and Responsibilities

Some of the responsibilities that a Company Secretary may include and that we can assist with include:

  • Maintaining all registers as required by law.
  • Maintaining a minute book of all general meetings and meetings with the board of Directors.
  • Ensuring proper notice is given for all meetings.
  • Ensuring the preparation and delivery of documents and returns as requested by law to the regulator.
  • Filing of statutory filings as required by law.

    The modern Company Secretary roles is now often seen as a specialized one and they are often seen as a key governance appointment within a business. The responsibility for developing and implementing processes for promoting good corporate governance within a business organization usually sits within the remit of the Company Secretary.

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