Governance and Company Director

Governance and the Company Directors role are often intertwined with Directors being key managerial appointments of the company who play an important role in the corporate governance of an organization. Directors are appointed by the shareholders to manage the organisation’s day to day affairs and in effect are deemed to be agents of the organization.

The Directors of a company are often deemed to be the driving force in influencing its corporate governance and a failure by the directors to enforce strong corporate governance could expose the directors to allegations of failing to comply with the duties which they owe to the company.

The appointment of a Director to the company is the most important decision shareholders can make and is a vital appointment in driving a profitable business. The modern Director or the Board of Directors also must have knowledge and understanding of their Corporate Governance, Regulatory and Compliance responsibilities. It is for this reason that an organisation may have more than one Director or may seek a Non-Executive Director to take a position on the Board.

We can help to assist in the appointment of a Director that has the skill set and experience within Corporate Governance and Compliance for certain businesses. Using our sister company, we are also able to actively recruit for a Director, Non-Executive Director or Senior Management position that has a specialist skill or particular skill set. Should your business be setting up in Malta or the Netherlands we are able to provide or source out a local resident Director to give you physical presence in that jurisdiction.

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