Mergers and Acquisitions using Malta

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Mergers and Acquisitions using Malta

We are able to assist with both local and international merger and acquisition transactions, corporate restructuring, transfer of business, spin-offs and leveraged buy-outs. We can offer assistance in relation to Maltese subsidiaries of multinational companies, whether regulated or not regulated.

We are also able to assist with acquisition of existing Maltese entities, including privatisations, and may assist sellers or buyers, financiers, private equity or venture capital entities, etc.

Malta Mergers and Acquisitions

We are able to offer corporate consultancy services, including planning, implementing and managing corporate restructurings, mergers and acquisitions and any other corporate actions that may be needed, and we have vast experience in dealing with both the Maltese Registrar of Companies and the Malta Stock Exchange, including for Maltese companies with shares dematerialised using the Clearstream settlement system via the Malta Stock Exchange and for Maltese companies listed on a non-Maltese Stock Exchange.

Shareholder Agreements and special provisions

We are able to assist with bespoke shareholder agreements and specially drafted provisions to be included in the Memorandum and Articles of Association, taking into consideration any particular provisions that are needed, including specific and non-standard management and representation clauses, specific and non-standard rights attached to various share classes, particular redemption and transfer clauses including put and call options and carry rights, etc.

Companies in Malta

Merger and acquisition transactions are often carried out using a Malta holding company or companies for the purpose. Maltese holding companies are considered tax efficient and flexible solutions, with the added benefit of being inside the EU, benefitting from the Maltese participation exemption provisions in the Maltese Income Tax Act and the wide network of tax treaties (more than 60 currently in force) and the EU directives. Malta does not levy any withholding tax on outbound dividends.

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