Company Formation: Why Choose Malta?

Malta has become a popular international hub for Company Formation and Registration due to several factors, including:

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    About Malta

    • Location: Mediterranean Sea, Europe
    • Population: 460,000 (2017)
    • Capital: Valletta
    • Currency: Euro (€)
    • Size: 316 km² (122 sq mi)
    • Languages: English & Maltese
    • Life Expectancy: 82 years old
    • Timezone: Central European Standard Time (GMT +1)
    • Climate: Average annual temperature of 23°C
    • Airport: Malta International Airport (MLA)
    • UNESCO World Heritage Sites: 3

    Why is Setting Up a Business in Malta is Perfect for Business?

    Legal & Tax Framework

    • 72 Double Taxation Agreements
    • Low effective tax rates
    • Tax Residency Programmes
    • Robust legal framework

    European Union (EU)

    • Member of the E.U. since 1st May 2004
    • Freedom of trade between member states
    • E.U. Taxation Framework
    • E.U. Legislative Framework


    • Strategic location between Europe and North Africa
    • Direct Flights across European cities
    • Connected to significant flight hubs such as Istanbul, Dubai and London
    • Excellent Import and Export hub
    • One hour ahead of the U.K.

    Pro-Business Environment

    • Business START for startups
    • High-quality research facilities
    • R&D incentives
    • Manufacturing incentives
    • Tax Credits given to SME’s

    Maltese Economy

    • GDP: €12,320 million (+8.9% from 2017)
    • GDP per capita: $30,170.47
    • Government Budget Balance: +1.1%
    • Unemployment Rate: 3.5%
    • Inflation: 1.74%
    • Cost of living in 18% lower than the EU average

    Malta embracing the future

    • Blockchain
    • Medical Marijuana
    • A.I.
    • iGaming
    • Tourism and Leisure
    • Finance and Banking

    Why other people move their business to Malta

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    5 Reasons Why Malta’s Tax System is so Attractive

    Malta’s Tax Refund System

    Shareholders are typically entitled to claim a refund of 6/7th of the tax charged to the Maltese trading company. Therefore, this makes the effective tax rate of 5%.

    Malta’s Participation Exemption

    Participation Exemption is an exemption from taxation for a shareholder on dividends received, and potential capital gains arising on the sale of shares.

    Full Imputation System

    Company profits are taxed at source, but dividends distributed to shareholders are not be taxed again.

    This system is different from the classical system, whereby company profits are subject to tax and shareholders are taxed on dividends.

    EU Parent-Subsidiary Directive

    This directive has the aim to eliminate double taxation on profit distributions between associated companies in the various EU Member States.

    No Withholding Taxes

    In Malta, there is no withholding tax imposed on:

    • Dividends distributed to Non-Maltese residents.
    • Interest and royalties derived by Non-Maltese residents.
    • Gains realised from transfers of corporate securities by non-residents.
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    About Papilio Services

    Papilio Services Limited, founded in 2012, is one of Malta’s leading independent service providers. We focus on corporate service, residency programmes and tax advice to both private clients and businesses. Papilio Services are specialists in Maltese Company Formation, International Tax Planning as well as providing many other services to help your business.

    As an international team that is based locally in Malta, we have a deep understanding of the Maltese and global market. As a result, our clients appreciate and desire this perspective when we’re dealing with their business or individual needs.

    Our Experience

    • Setting up of beneficial royalty structure in Malta
    • Setting up trading companies focusing on e-commerce
    • Establishing holding companies with a variety of complex private equity interests
    • Setting up a holding company that contains several subsidiary companies as part of a worldwide international trading group
    • Building a holding company holding private equity vehicles
    • Setting up a Public Limited Liability Company with dematerialised shares available on the Clearstream system
    • Helping individuals and families to become residents and citizens in Malta

    Our Services

    • Company Formation
    • International Tax Planning
    • Maltese Residence and Citizenship Advice
    • Holding Company Formation
    • Intellectual Property (IP) Registration
    • Office Space and Services
    • Company Director & Secretarial Services
    • Legal and Tax Advice
    • Mergers and Acquisitions
    • Website and Email Set Up
    • Tax and VAT Compliance
    • Invoicing and Bookkeeping
    • Payroll
    • Assistance in applying for Government Grants & Licences

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