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In Malta, the Companies Act requires that a company has at least one director appointed to the Board of Directors, and this can be an individual director or a corporate entity (except for single-member companies). Furthermore, it is a legal requirement for every company in Malta to have a company secretary. The Malta Company Secretary must be an individual and not be a corporate entity.

Malta Directorship Services and Requirements

Company directors in Malta can be of any nationality although having at least one local Maltese director is advisable. Alongside having local expertise and knowledge, company directors in Malta usually have established communication lines with government authorities such as the Maltese VAT department and Inland Revenue Department, to name a few. Therefore, this ensures that any issues that may arise can be dealt with quickly and efficiently.

Moreover, it is a requirement that all company directors in Malta are listed on with the Malta Business Registry (MBR).

Malta Company Secretary Services and Responsibilities

It is a legal requirement for every company in Malta to have a company secretary, which must be an individual and not be a corporate entity. The Company Secretary is responsible for the filing of all statutory forms and ensuring specific company resolutions are filed with the Registry of Companies. 

In an increasingly complex environment, the Company Secretary is also responsible for providing technical advice on legal, financial and compliance matters. As part of our corporate services, we can offer an experienced and competent Company Secretarial Services in Malta to carry out the company’s official duties and ensure that all compliance is adhered to and done to a high standard.

The responsibilities of a Malta company secretary include the keeping of:

  • A minute book of general meetings of the company;
  • A minute book of meetings of the board of directors;
  • The registrar of members;
  • The keeping of other records the board of directors require;
  • Ensure proper notices are given for all meetings;
  • Ensure that all returns and documents of the company are prepared and delivered following the Companies Act.

Malta Company Secretary and Malta Director Services

Alongside our Malta company formation services, we can provide Malta directorship services, subject to specific requirements. Papilio Services can offer a corporate director through our associated corporate entity or by an individual directorship, once again subject to certain conditions. Moreover, we can provide Malta Secretarial assistance to ensure that you meet the local compliance rules and regulations.

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