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Back office services in Malta are routine administrative tasks that are not professional and do not require a licence from the financial regulator or a warrant. They are nonetheless still an essential component in the smooth and efficient running of the business. The back office needs to run effectively, efficiently, and as cost-effective as possible while still maintaining the high-quality levels expected.

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Typical Back Office Malta Services

We can assist you with many back office functions that can aid and support your business with, including:

Who Choose Malta as a Hub for your Back Office

Malta is a renowned hub to provide services of this nature owing to the availability of a well-educated workforce who speak both Maltese and English as their national languages. Italian, French and Spanish are also generally understood in the Maltese business environment.

Employment and office costs are generally lower in comparison to the rest of Europe, making Malta an attractive and viable proposal. Malta also has excellent telecommunication infrastructure, which is deemed a must in the business environment. Malta has excellent travel links to most mainland European countries. Most European business districts and central European cities are only a few hours travel via air, making it an extremely convenient hub to base your business.

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Papilio Services can offer several back-office administration services in Malta, complimenting company formation services and giving you presence and peace of mind. We provide on-going administration and compliance services according to the entity’s needs.

Contact us, and we can arrange an initial consultation to understand your companies back office needs, and we can create a boutique solution just for you. You can call us directly on +356 2122 7553, email us on or fill out the contact form below.

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