Corporate Governance Services in Malta

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Corporate Governance Services In Malta

One of the pillars of economic development and a steady growing economy is good corporate governance. As a leader in Corporate Governance services in Malta, we can advise on and manage effective Board of Directors composition and processes, Chairman and Chief Executive roles, responsibilities of the Board of Directors and other officers of a Maltese company (including the Company Secretary), running effective Board Meetings, Annual General Meetings and Extraordinary General Meetings and Corporate Social Responsibility policies.

Corporate Governance Services in Malta – Guidelines & Code

We are licensed by the Malta Financial Services Authority (MFSA) to provide Company Director (both corporate and individual) and Company Secretary (individual) services. We are also licensed by the MFSA to act as trustees or co-trustees of trusts and administrators of private foundations and to hold property under trust and provide other fiduciary services.

Good Corporate Governance

A robust code of ethics and company structure is usually found at the base of a strong corporate governance environment. We make sure that your business complies with the laws and regulations of Malta and that any code of principles or ethics that may be applicable are followed.

We work to serve our clients not only with Malta Income Tax and Malta Value Added Tax compliance services but also with Malta Corporate compliance services. We can also help with Malta Company Formation services.

Our approach to good corporate governance is based on a few principles of best corporate governance practice which we consider key concepts for making sure that the company’s culture and public image stands out as an open, well and fairly run organisation. We consider it desirable that good corporate governance becomes part of the DNA of the company.

The best corporate governance principles include an ethical approach looking at the culture of the company and the society in which it acts. We also look at the congruence of the goals of the interested parties, including shareholders, directors and officers, employees, customers, suppliers and creditors, financiers, government departments and the public in general. Furthermore, we look at the roles of key players, including owners, directors and staff and the decision making processes that are put in place to reflect the principles of ethics, goals and roles of the key players giving due weight to all. We also look to the concern for all stakeholders, recognising that some have greater weight than others and make sure that accountability and transparency is available to all stakeholders.

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